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Other Specialty Programs
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​​The district offers other "Specialty Education Programs" in single and mutiple sites:

​click on each of these programs to learn more about their school locations, registration information and program descriptions.

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Kindergarten Choice

The Kindergarten Choice Lottery will open January 25th and close on February 25th. 

Kindergarten Applications now open for:

Applications are accepted from January 26 until the closing date of February 16 at midnight PST.

How to apply online

FAQs about the District Programs of Choice​​​

Read parent’s frequently asked questions about the application process. 

​Important Details​​

Applications for the District Programs of Choice are accepted January 26-February 16. Places are allocated based on a random lottery draw to ensure fairness in the process.

FAQs about the District Programs of Choice​

Read parent’s frequently asked questions​ about the application process.​​​​​