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Energy Management and Sustainability
Energy Management and Sustainability

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To be the most energy efficient school district in the province and a leader in the B.C. commercial sector.

To be the leading school district in terms of energy awareness and behaviour change.

To reduce district wide energy consumption by more than $1 million over the next five years.

Energy Management & Sustainability     

Leads the initiative to advance sustainability in Surrey Schools' operations and oversees energy management across the districts portfolio of 130 buildings. 

We develop strategic long-term goals that help reduce our environmental impact, supporting the district's commitment environmental stewardship. 

The department is responsible for:

  • Coordinating energy management and sustainability activities with the active participation of site personnel at key locations.
  • Identifying cost-effective energy efficiency and conservation measures and ensuring that improvements in energy efficiency and the installation of new technologies are considered for capital investment.
  • Identifying and allocating resources; working with utilities, government and other organizations to identify and apply for incentives and grants.
  • Collecting and analyzing energy & driver data and identifying and analyzing deviations from expected performance. 
  • Reporting annually on the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions of the district.
  • Recommending energy and sustainability performance targets and monitoring progress.  
  • Encouraging energy saving and environmentally sustainable feedback from all staff and students.
  • Promoting ongoing staff development and training for issues related to energy and sustainability and training staff and students to be energy and sustainability champions.


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DavidMcKeemckee_d@surreyschools.caManager, Energy Management & Sustainability604-595-6303
HudsonWongwong_h@surreyschools.caEnergy Specialist604-595-6406

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