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Section 9000: Students

Policies are in PDF format and will open in a new window. Adobe Reader is required.


This section deals with the heart of education - the student.
9160 Policy.pdf
Student Participation on District Committees
9200 Policy.pdf
School Catchment Areas
9200.1 Regulation.pdf
School Catchment Areas
9320 Policy.pdf
Registration and Placement of Students
9320.1 Regulation.pdf
Registration and Placement of Students
9320.1-1 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: Parent's/Guardian's or Adult Student's Agreement in Regard to Enrolment of Adult Student
9320.1-2 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: Out-of-Catchment Enrolment Application
9325 Policy.pdf
Registration of International Students
9325.1 Regulation.pdf
Registration of International Students
9330 Policy.pdf
Adult Student Admissions
9330.1 Regulation.pdf
Adult Student Admissions
9410 Policy.pdf
Safe And Caring Schools
9410.1 Regulation.pdf
Safe And Caring Schools
9410.2 Regulation.pdf
Safe And Caring Schools: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Or Expression
9450 Policy.pdf
Physical Restraint or Seclusion
9450.1 Regulation.pdf
Physical Restraint or Seclusion
9480 Policy.pdf
Substance Abuse Prevention & Intervention
9490 Policy.pdf
School Uniforms
9490.1 Regulation.pdf
School Uniforms - Processes
9510 Policy.pdf
Flags - Canada and British Columbia and National Anthem “O Canada”
9510.1 Regulation.pdf
Flags - Canada and British Columbia
9610 Policy.pdf
Treatment of Students With Medical Alert Conditions Including Anaphylaxis And Life-Threatening Allergies
9610.1 Regulation.pdf
Treatment of Students With Medical Alert Conditions Including Anaphylaxis And Life Threatening Allergies
9610.1-1 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: Medical Alert Info & Care Plan - GENERAL
9610.1-2 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: Medical Alert Info & Care Plan - ASTHMA
9610.1-3 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: Medical Alert Info & Care Plan - EPILEPSY SEIZURE
9610.2 Regulation.pdf
Treatment Of Students With A Known Risk Of Anaphylaxis / Life-Threatening Allergies
9610.2-1 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: Medical Alert Info & Care Plan - ALLERGY-ANAPHYLAXIS
9610.3 Regulation.pdf
Type 1 Diabetes Care in Schools
9610.3-1 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: DIABETES Support Plan & Medical Alert Information
9610.3-2 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: DIABETES Medication Administration Form
9610.4 Regulation.pdf
Medication Administration And Storage of Medication In Schools
9610.4-1 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: Medication Administration Protocol
9610.4-2 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: Medication Administration Incident Report Form
9610.4-3 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: Letter to Parent - Medication Administration at School
9610.4-4 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: Administration of Medication Record Sheet
9611 Policy.pdf
Child Abuse Prevention
9611.1 Regulation.pdf
Child Abuse Prevention
9612 Policy.pdf
Assistance Dogs
9612.1 Regulation.pdf
Assistance Dogs
9615 Policy.pdf
Student Accidents & Illness at School
9615.1 Regulation.pdf
Student Accident & Illness at School
9630 Policy.pdf
Head Lice
9630.1 Regulation.pdf
Head Lice
9705 Policy.pdf
Student Records
9705.1 Regulation.pdf
Student Records
9802 Policy.pdf
School Fees
9802.1 Regulation.pdf
School Fees
9902 Policy.pdf
Appeal Procedures
9902.1 Regulation.pdf
Appeal Procedures
9902.1-1 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: Notice of Appeal Form
9902.2 Regulation.pdf
Appeals Procedure - Non-School District Staff Or Volunteers
9920 Policy.pdf
Extra-Curricular Activities
9920.1 Regulation.pdf
Extra-Curricular Activities
9920.1-1 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: School Club Registration
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