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Curriculum & Instruction
Section 8000: Curriculum & Instruction

Policies are in PDF format and will open in a new window. Adobe Reader is required.
Curriculum & Instruction
This section contains policies regarding school courses and other education-specific topics. It reflects the schools’ reason for being: to provide the best possible educational opportunity for children.
8100 Policy.pdf
School Completion Certificate
8100.1 Regulation.pdf
School Completion Certificate
8200 Policy.pdf
Local School Calendar
8200.1 Regulation.pdf
Local School Calendar/Processes
8210 Policy.pdf
Non-Instructional Days
8210.1 Regulation.pdf
Non-Instructional Days
8320 Policy.pdf
Programs of Choice and Focus Programs
8320.1 Regulation.pdf
Programs of Choice and Focus Programs
8425 Policy.pdf
Health and Career Education (K-10)
8425.1 Regulation.pdf
Health and Career Education (K-10)
8450 Policy.pdf
French Immersion
8450.1 Regulation.pdf
French Immersion Programming
8475 Policy.pdf
Career Education Programs
8475.1 Regulation.pdf
Career Education Programs
8601- Policy.pdf
Conduct of Schools
8620 Policy.pdf
Student Creative Works and Performances
8620.1 Regulation.pdf
Student Creative Works and Performances
8700 Policy.pdf
Communicating Student Learning (Grades K-12)
8700.1 Regulation.pdf
Communicating Student Learning (CSL)
8800 Policy.pdf
Learning Resources
8800.1 Regulation.pdf
Learning Resources: Definition and Selection
Appendix: Learning Resources - Local Approval Process
8800.2 Regulation.pdf
Learning Resources: Challenge
Appendix I: Challenge of a Learning Resource Form
Appendix II: Challenge Process - Provincially Recommended Resource
Appendix III: Challenge Process - Locally Approved Resource
8800.3 Regulation.pdf
District Definition & Allowance Uses for School Based Learning Resource/Library Fund
8800.4 Regulation.pdf
Care of Learning Resources
8800.5 Regulation.pdf
Re-Use & Disposal of Learning Resources
8801 Policy.pdf
Copyright Law Compliance
Copyright Law Compliance
8901 Policy.pdf
Student Field Studies
8901.1 Regulation.pdf
Student Field Studies - General
Appendix: District Bus Usage for Field Studies
8901.2 Regulation.pdf
Extended Field Studies
8901.2-1 Appendix.pdf
Extended Field Study Application Form (Step 1)
8901.2-2 Appendix.pdf
Extended Field Study Application Form (Step 2)
8901.2-3 Appendix.pdf
Informed Consent and Release of Liability
Appendix: Student Database Form
8901.2-5 Appendix.pdf
Field Studies Medical From for Outdoor and/or Overnight and/or Out of Province
8901.2-6  Appendix.pdf
Supervisors Information Sheet
8901.3 Regulation.pdf
High School Bracket Racing
8901.3-1 Appendix.pdf
Release Of School Board Liability And Indemnity
8901.4 Regulation.pdf
Field Studies To Ski/Snowboarding Areas
8901.4-1 Appendix.pdf
Appendix: Parent Permission Form - Snow Activities
Appendix: What to Wear
Appendix: Alpine Responsibility Code
8910 Policy.pdf
Distributed Learning
8911 Policy.pdf
Home School Learners
8911.1 Regulation.pdf
Home School Learners
8912 Policy.pdf
Independent Directed Studies
8912.1 Regulation.pdf
Independent Directed Studies
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