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Effective organizations ensure that resources and the 
related actions are aligned with the highest priority work that 
must be done to meet declared goals.  It is also essential 
to provides support in a way that is sustainable over time.  
The concept of coherence reminds us that the funded 
priorities should work together, in a sensible, transparent and 
well-coordinated manner, leaving no doubt about the district's 
key work and how success will be achieved.
The budget is built upon the three key principles that have 
guided the Board’s work of alignment, sustainability 
and coherence.
For more information on Understanding School District Finances, click here​

2010-2011 Amended Annual Budget.pdf
2011-2012 Amended Annual Budget.pdf
2012-2013 Amended Annual Budget.pdf
2013-2014 Amended Annual Budget.pdf
2014-2015 Amended Annual Budget.pdf
2015-2016 Amended Annual Budget.pdf
2016-2017 Amended Annual Budget.pdf
2017-2018 Annual Budget.pdf
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Time: 12/18/2017 2:39:35 AM
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