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Committees and Representation

​​​​​​​Committees and Representation:

A list of all Board Committees and Trustee Representation
for 2018-2019 is provided.

Trustees represent the Surrey Board of Education through committee involvement, both within and outside the district. Below is an overview of the Trustees' responsibilities to the board. 

1. Report out on Committee activities at public Board meetings.

2. If Committee minutes are available, arrange to include them in the Trustees' Information Bulletin.

3. Refer to Policy #2320: Board Committees & Trustee Representation for more information.

​​Stakeholder and Elected Officials Liaison Meetings

Trustees meet regularly with stakeholder groups within the district, to ensure effective and continuous communication.


For more information regarding Board Committees, or trustee representation, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer's Department at 604-595-6300.

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