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Addressing the Board

Persons or groups wishing to address the Surrey Board of Education should contact the Secretary-Treasurer's Department, outlining the matter to be presented and providing the name of the spokesperson at least two weeks prior to the meeting at which they wish to be heard.
Contact Information:
Secretary-Treasurer's Department
14033 92nd Avenue
Surrey, BC   V3V 0B7
Phone: 604-595-6300
Delegations are allotted a total of 15 minutes, to permit questions from the board members.
If a written brief is to be presented, the delegation should ensure it is provided to the secretary-treasurer at least two weeks before the meeting so it may be included in the agenda material forwarded to trustees in advance of each meeting.
Delegations are encouraged to discuss their topic freely; however, personal accusations and criticisms will be considered out of order.
Depending on the complexity of the issue, the board generally responds to matters raised by delegations at the next regular meeting.

Audio Visual Requirements
If audio visual equipment will be required for the presentation, please contact the Secretary- Treasurer's office (604-595-6300) by Friday prior to the meeting to discuss the requirements.

Asking Questions at a Board Meeting
The board welcomes questions regarding its decisions, practices or agenda items. There is a designated question period at the end of each public meeting. Forms are provided in the meeting room that should be submitted to the Executive Assistant at the end of the meeting. Audience members should identify themselves before asking their question. Questions or comments about personal issues, individuals or property acquisitions are not appropriate for public meetings of the board.
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