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Section 177
Section 177

The principal, vice-principal or board-approved designate will exercise their right as occupants of school premises under the provisions of School Act s.177 Maintenance of Order. Access to school premises during and after school hours will be governed by Policy 6513 – Long Term Use and Lease of Active School District Buildings and Sites and Policy 7260 – Employees’ & Visitors’ Identification Badges.

Schools will prominently display a sign at major entrances directing all visitors to report to the office.

All district staff are required to wear their district authorized employee identification badge so it is easily visible at all times on district premises. All employees will be provided with a district authorized identification card through the Human Resources department.

Authorized visitors are required to report their presence to the office and to wear a district authorized visitor identification badge while on school board premises. All schools will be provided with a sufficient number of district authorized visitor identification badges.

Authorized visitors are entitled to have access only to those areas of the school premises relevant to the purpose of their visit.

An authorized visitor is not allowed to remain on school premises if, in the judgment of the Principal or designate, the person’s presence is considered detrimental to the safety or well being of another person.

Only the principal, vice-principal or board-approved designate shall exercise the rights of the Board as an occupier under the provisions of School Act s.177 Maintenance of Order with respect to an individual determined to be in non-compliance with the policy and regulation.

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