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Lockers Conditions of Use
Lockers Conditions of Use


Lockers are assigned to students for use during the school year on the following conditions:

1. Students are responsible for the locker which is assigned to them and it is not to be used by any other person.

2. Only approved locks may be used on student lockers and the combination of the lock must be registered at the office.

3. The locker may only be used for the storage of books, school supplies and equipment, outerwear, school sports equipment and lunches.

4. No other material is permitted except with the written authority of the principal or vice principal.

5. The locker is to be kept clean and food removed on a regular basis.

6. Students are responsible for cleaning and removing all material from their locker at the end of the year or when they leave the school.

7. No illegal substances, weapons or other prohibited or offensive material may be placed in school lockers.

8. School officials and/or designates may search student lockers at any time and without prior notice in order to ensure compliance with the conditions of use and other school policies and rules. Searches by school officials may include the use of dog units to detect the presence of narcotics or other prohibited materials.

9. Permission to use the locker may be terminated when a student does not comply with the conditions of use or school policies or rules.

10. It is the responsibility of all members of the school community to keep our schools safe. If any student has reason to believe that any locker contains anything which would threaten the safety of other students, staff or any other person, that student is expected to immediately report the information to a teacher or administrator. The name of the student making such a report will be kept confidential.

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