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Keeping Schools Safe
Keeping Schools Safe

The Surrey Board of Education is committed to providing safe and caring environments in which all learners can achieve academic excellence, personal growth and responsible citizenship.

Safe and caring school environments are free of acts of:

  • bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, threat and intimidation;
  • violence of any form;
  • verbal, physical or sexual abuse;
  • discrimination in any form;
  • theft; and
  • vandalism.

Safe and caring school environments do not tolerate the presence of:

  • intoxicating or banned substances;
  • weapons (or replica weapons) and explosives; and
  • intruders or trespassers.

Responsibility for an effective discipline program is shared among many partners including the district, schools, students, parents/guardians, community groups, social agencies and the RCMP. The board promotes understanding and accep­tance of the interactive roles required to achieve safe and caring schools.

It is expected that students will:

(a) neither take part in, nor condone (provoke, encourage, or support) any form of violence, including bullying, harassment, threat and intimidation, verbal, physical or sexual abuse, discrimination in any form;

(b) seek to prevent violence and potentially violent situations;

(c) not use, possess or display any weapon, replica weapon or toy weapon, on any school property or at any event that is organized or sponsored by a school;

(d) not use, possess or sell any intoxicating, banned or controlled substances;

(e) demonstrate, when using electronic resources, appropriate on-line conduct in keeping with Policy #5780 – Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Access and Use, including refraining from any acts of cyberbullying;

(f) show respect for the property of others by refraining from theft, vandalism, graffiti and other inappropriate behaviour;

(g) abstain from smoking on school and other district property;

(h) be present at schools and school properties for school-authorized purposes only;

(i) use respectful language and refrain from using obscenity or profanity while in a school building, on school or district property and at school-sponsored activities;

(j) demonstrate commitment to learning by coming to school prepared to learn and by contributing to a positive, orderly, peaceful environment; and

(k) practise academic honesty and personal integrity by not participating in or encouraging plagiarism, cheating, theft of evaluation instruments, use of unauthorized aids, or false representation of identity.

Parents/guardians are requested to:

(a) be familiar with the District Threat Assessment Protocol (available through your school);

(b) adhere to board policies and the School Code of Conduct when in attendance at school functions and support all students by reinforcing and modeling appropriate social skills;

(c) support students by demonstrating appro­priate academic, social and emotional behaviours through co-operative school and parent/guardian partnerships;

(d) support the school’s and district’s role in taking disciplinary action when necessary and reinforce students’ understanding of the consequences of their behaviour;

(e) ensure their children attend school regularly and on time; and

(f) promptly report to the school their child’s or children’s absence or late arrival.

Who can parents call for assistance?

  • The school principal
  • The school counsellor
  • RCMP School Resource Officer
  • Manager, Safe Schools

Who is subject to this policy?

The policy on safe and caring school environments applies to all persons in all schools and at all school-authorized events. The relevant policies (9410, 9410.1, 9410.2, 10900 and 10901.1) are available on the school district website.

What is being done?

The Surrey School District has used many proactive strategies to promote safe school environments.

  • the manager, Safe Schools, continues to develop initiatives designed to encourage and foster a positive and safe school climate.
  • Substance use liaisons provide consistent, relevant drug and alcohol program throughout the district including a solid continuum of service for substance-using youth and families.
  • Youth diversity liaisons provide culturally sensitive, relevant support for diverse students and families experiencing challenging circumstances.
  • implementation of proactive school-wide and classroom approaches to address issues of bullying, violence and intimidation.
  • development and implementation strategies to improve student conflict resolution skills.
  • educational opportunities on related issues are available for students, staff, parents and the community.
  • a Student Code of Conduct has been implemented in all schools and communicated to students, parents and staff.
  • recognition of positive social behaviours of students.
  • guidelines to ensure consistency in matters involving student discipline.
  • students requiring support have access to professional staff.
  • close, collaborative relationships with law enforcement and community stakeholders.

Keeping Our Schools Safe