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Calling 911 and Report Non-Emergency Incidents
Calling 911 and Report Non-Emergency Incidents

Calling 911



Is it happening right now? Or has it happened in the past and at what time?


• School name, exact school address, your name, your date of birth (This is information that the RCMP School Resource Officer (SRO) attending will require and it’s helpful if already on the file).

• Specific location at the school – be as specific as possible – is it in a hallway, the gym, a portable, the cafeteria, the library, a playing field, etc. If outside, bordering street information and direction (north, south, east, west) is very helpful.


• What is the nature of the incident? Is it a fight? Drugs? Unwanted/Suspicious Person? Threat?

• Is the suspect still present?

• Are there injuries?


• Are there any? Specifics on the type and quantity.


• Name of suspects, if known, and victims. Provide full descriptions of each suspect.