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What Makes Us Special?
What Makes Us Special?

​At the Surrey School District, we pride ourselves on being able to offer unique educational opportunities that will cater to the needs of any student.

In addition to a solid foundation in academic courses such as English, Math, Social Studies, Science and Second Languages, our students choose from a wide variety of elective courses in the areas of technology, business, fine arts, trades and athletics. Through a diverse offering of courses, our students receive a well-rounded education and are taught how to leam, think and act like responsible citizens.

Additionally, all our schools are equipped with the latest learning resources, technology, science laboratories, fine arts and sports facilities. And we know you will be as proud as we are when our students win one of many provincial, national and international awards for their outstanding achievements in academics, trades, athletics and music.


To support your child and all their deiverse educational needs and interests, at all of our schools we offer a number of special programs and extra-curricular activities including:



If your child wants to focus more specifically and receive a specialized education we also offer complete educational programs to help your child achieve their academic and personal goals including:

- International Baccalaureate

- Advanced Placement

- Special Programs for Artists, Performers and Athletes

In the end, all of these programs have been designed to provide your child with a safe and caring environment in which they and their peers can achieve academic excellence, personal growth and responsible citizenship.