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How Do We Make it Easy For You?
How Do We Make it Easy For You?

​​We understand that sending your children to another country is not a decision made lightly. That is why, in addition to our academic programs, we have developed and continue to develop a number of programs designed to help support you in that decision by ensuring the safety and comfort of your children during their time with us.

Support For You and Your Child

Upon arriving in the District, your child's English language skills are assessed and a program of studies is designed to meet his or her individual academic goals and interests. English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction is provided as necessary, and all of our schools offer counseling services to provide academic, career and personal guidance at any time your child may need it.


Multi-Cultural Workers offer support to students who are having educational, cultural, settlement or personal challenges and discuss problems in your child's first language. We know that you are just as much a part of your child's journey, so this offer of support also extends to you whether you remain in your home country or accompany your child to Surrey.

To provide your child with the best education possible. international students are fully integrated into regular classes and are supported by welcoming staff and friendly Canadian students. Further, less than 5% of a school's population is international students; this limit ensures that each student receives the support and services necessary to ensure educational success.
A Home Away From Home

The Surrey School District does not provide homestay services, but can provide you with a list of local homestay service providers who meet the Ministry of Education's Homestay Guidelines. We are committed to ensuring host family arrangements comply with the BC Human Rights Code and provide support to help your child feel safe and welcome in their new home.

While studying in our school district, we take pride in the fact that our international students feel safe, comfortable and truly “a part of the family" while living with a local host family. All families are carefully screened and selected to match the specific preferences and individual needs of each international student.

Preparing For The Future

Our high school graduation program thoroughly prepares students to enter and thrive in universities and colleges. Our schools have academic and career counselors to personally assist students in making the best post-secondary education and career choices to suit their needs and goals.

Additionaly the Surrey School District has strong partnerships with local universities such as the University of British Columbia. Simon Fraser University, British Columbia Institute of Technology and Kwantlen Polytechnic University. These institutions also have a representative that meet with our intemational students to provide information so your child can make an informed decision about where to pursue higher education.

We want to see your child succeed just as much as you do and all of these programs have been put in place to make that happen. As much as possible, we want you and your child to be able to focus on their education, and leave the rest of the details to us.