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Education Services
Education Services


Welcome to Education Services

The Surrey School District is dedicated to the promotion of inclusive, equitable and meaningful educational experiences for all students.  To this end, the Surrey School District's Education Services team works collaboratively with school teams, parents and community partners to create supportive, inclusive, and caring learning communities where all children, specifically those children who have exceptional learning needs, can reach their full potential.  Education Services personnel endeavour to provide support and services to schools with programs spanning early learning through grade 12.  This support includes both direct and indirect support to school personnel and students, professional learning and the provision of a wide range of human and learning resources in schools.

We believe:

  •      embracing diversity (e.g., special education, multiculturalism, diverse learner needs, etc.) is a fundamental value that must be supported throughout public schooling
  •      all school district actions must support the primacy of the classroom environment
  •      quality professional learning is multi-faceted and is fundamental to improving student learning
  •      there is broad based need for the organization of public schooling to evolve in ways that are aligned, sustainable and coherent
  •      resources can be used most effectively to enhance capacity when they are applied in response to a systems analysis
  •      a tidy delineation of roles will no longer be possible or desirable in a context where diversity is the norm – professional collaboration is key
  •      developing professional capacity is critical in order to embrace diversity in public schooling
  •      in a focused priority on the earliest and least intrusive intervention that is embedded in a systems approach to educational design

Some of the ways we provide services and supports include:

  • supporting and providing robust professional learning experiences to individuals and school teams  
  •      focus on research-based teaching, learning and assessment in support of District Priority Practices  
  •      support school teams in coordinating specialized supports to students with individual needs  
  •      assist administrators to focus on quality learning experiences in classrooms  
  •      assist administrators and school-based teams in effective educational planning for all students with identified learning needs  
  •      review, provide and support the implementation of quality learning resources
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