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Parenting Programs
Parenting Programs

IMG_9494_web.jpgThe Communities Caring for Children project, developed by the Children’s Foundation, emphasizes the need to build healthy, caring communities that are committed to strength-based approaches to child rearing. Their focus is on building strong families, capable children, and supportive communities.

The programs focus on supporting the wellness and mental health needs of young children and families in Surrey to give parents or caregivers the skills to be the best caregivers possible. Parenting programs operate in four elementary schools each season and all of them have child minding available.


Right from the Start

Facilitators guide caregivers using methods shown to be effective in reducing parent stress and improving parent-child relationships. The program is focused on children aged 0-12 months.


COPEing with Toddler Behaviour

Using an active learning model, caregivers learn how to foster a positive parent-child relationship, have appropriate developmental expectations, tailor their parenting to their child’s temperament, and use strategies to prevent and respond to challenging behaviours. The program is focused on children aged 1-3 years.


Triple P

Facilitators promote good communication and strong relationships between parents and children. This approach helps parents manage their children’s behaviour in a constructive and caring way. Triple P helps parents recognize causes of common child behaviour problems and encourage desirable behaviour in their children. The program is focused on children aged 3-6 years.

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