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Lunch Time Programs
Lunch Time Programs

MINI CODE BLUE: RCMP program that is partnered with Safe Schools and CSP. The RCMP and CSP values are focused on in terms of citizenship, care and collective impact. This is followed by games and physical activity. This program focuses on grades 5-7 and targeted towards a group of diverse, vulnerable youth who may need a lunchtime connection.


SPARK: This lunchtime program is for boys to create positive relationship skills, mentorship and learning opportunities to students to gain leadership and self-esteem.


Star Power: Lunchtime program providing grade 6/7 female identifying and non-binary students with positive mentorship. Program goals are leadership, empowerment, resiliency, and connection. Students engage in school outreach projects, discussions, and activities led by an Outreach staff designed to help make a smooth transition into high school.


Supergames A lunch time program running for approximately 45 minutes per session. The focus is to offer different types of physical activity for the children to participate in while teaching them social, emotional and leadership skills.


*Please connect with your school about what programs are offered at your school.