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Indigenous Games
Windspeaker Club

CSP_Programs_248a_web.jpgWindspeaker Club is an after-school program for Aboriginal students providing instruction to sport, life skills and cultural learning. The objective is to create healthier, more active individuals, families and communities.

The once a week after-school program incorporates physical activity and life skills development. Life skills activities focus on positive self-esteem, healthy living, and development of positive peer associations. The program includes two day trips combining participants from all schools for outdoor activities. Each school has a C-SP outreach worker join staff from the Red Foxx society to run the program, enabling the development of trust and community, and fostering positive self-identity and a sense of belonging.

The program is running in four high schools and has the capacity and potential to expand into interested elementary schools as a part of a natural transitions program.

Session info
Time: 1/20/2019 3:12:21 PM
Host: AS79
Ref# 0a758