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Sticks and Stars
Sticks and Stars

Sticks_and_Stars_2_web.jpgSticks and Stars provides the unique opportunity to incorporate science, leadership and hockey skills development on select Saturdays to foster a sense of community amongst the participants.

The program supports boys from grades 4 to 6 who would benefit from pro-social activities that keep them engaged with their school and community. Staff and administration work to lead, inspire, mentor and capture the passion and imagination of these boys so that they can be focused into positive pursuits and stay active outside of school hours.

The goal of this program, which supports up to 25 boys at each of the four host elementary schools, is to provide enrichment opportunities for them to acquire skills, knowledge and understanding that can be transferred back into the classroom to support their development academically and to encourage them to become good community-based citizens in the process.

Session info
Time: 7/18/2019 2:19:47 AM
Host: AS77
Ref# aed8d