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Girls Mentorship
Girls Mentorship

Girls_Mentorship_web.jpgEach program under Girls Mentorship is focused on creating a positive sense of self and a sense of leadership within their school and community among grade 6-7 girls inside and outside of school. The programs encourage and foster self-efficacy, self-expression, authenticity in relating to themselves and others, internal empowerment, enhanced decision making-skills, and increased self-esteem.


Girl Power

The Girl Power program promotes the healthy development of pre-adolescent girls’ sense of themselves, their self-image, cultural identity, and personal integrity. C-SP female outreach staff deliver workshops based around a weekly theme, and girls participate in a community or school project.



Originally developed by students at Panorama Ridge, the I AM program involves female secondary school mentors who come into an elementary school to work with a group of grade 6-7 girls. The seven week program is based around building friendships, conflict resolution (bullying), nutrition, sports and fitness, communication, self-esteem, and maintaining friendships.



Developed by students at Frank Hurt Secondary, Sisterhood uses peer mentorship to foster positive self-esteem in Grade 7 girls, while developing life skills such as communication and decision making. The five week program is based around team building, body image, health and fitness, friendships, and transitioning into high school.


Girls Mentorship programs operate in a total of 12 elementary schools and involve five secondary schools. Grade 10-12 girls are peer mentors for the Sisterhood and I AM programs.

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