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Out of School Programs
GR8 Adventures Summer

CSP_Programs_x01_web.jpgPiloted in 2013 in partnership with Surrey School’s Summer Learning department, the GR8 (great) Adventures Summer program supports and fosters positive transitions from elementary to high school for selected students. It was developed to support the summer transitions students with an extended day of numeracy/literacy support and elective based enrichment opportunities in their soon to be secondary school.

The program is aimed at Grade 7 students who are already registered in the Summer Learning morning academic program offered at their secondary school.

The GR8 Adventures Summer program aims to: expand student horizons, increase school connectedness, decrease anxieties around school transition, foster new friendships and increase social, emotional and life skill development.

In the program students participate in safe, educational and fun activities instructed by highly qualified instructors and supervised by district C-SP staff and teachers. By connecting students to elective and club based activities with new peer groups we aim to lessen the potential negative impacts of their transition into secondary school.

Session info
Time: 1/19/2019 1:56:57 AM
Host: AS77
Ref# e73b2