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DREAM (Drama, Recreation, Enrichment, Art and Music) is a one week spring break camp offering students the opportunity to participate in learning, enrichment and recreational activities that are interesting and exciting. At no cost to students, DREAM camp is organized by the Community-Schools Partnership (C-SP) department in collaboration with schools and community partners. 

This program targets students who would benefit from being in organized activities over the spring break. Local community partners and agencies support DREAM camp by offering enriching experiences to children who otherwise wouldn't have access to this type of programming. Meaningful engagement in DREAM camp is significant to enhancing children`s experiences and contributing to their success in school. Our partners and staff strive to provide activities that are fun, healthy, and developmentally appropriate.  This camp is an example of the ongoing commitment of our community partners to support our most vulnerable students.

Session info
Time: 1/20/2019 3:31:12 PM
Host: AS77
Ref# 531f5