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Attendance Matters (AM)
Attendance Matters (AM)


School absenteeism in primary grades is a strong predictor of dropping out. Chronic absenteeism, defined as missing 10 per cent (around 18 days) of a year, is linked to academic and social disadvantages particularly among vulnerable students, creating long lasting impact on the child and their peers. Chronic absenteeism is a complex problem affected by many factors, including child, parent and family circumstances.

Attendance Matters works with students from kindergarten to Grade 3 to support students and families to maintain prompt and consistent attendance.

C-SP believes that to be ready, able and motivated to learn students need their basic needs met through nutrition, nurturing environment, safe space, caring adults, and cognitive stimulation.

Attendance Matters includes three core components:

  • Breakfast club provides students with a consistent, and nutritious breakfast each day in a safe and supported environment, satisfying one of children’s most basic needs.
  • Intentional targeted outreach interventions support students and families in sustainably overcoming barriers to prompt and consistent attendance. Outreach staff employ variety of strategies including: parent engagement, transportation solutions, school in reach with students and teachers, resources and referrals.
  • Engagement and enrichment through literacy, recreation and social/emotional activities allows students to develop academic, and social competencies to enhance confidence and connection to school, setting the core foundation for school success.

By providing students with a nutritious breakfast, enriching activities, and a connection to caring adults we hope that:

  • Students and their families will feel cared for, safe, supported and connected to their school.
  • Students will be mentally and physically prepared for their day and able to academically, socially and emotionally benefit from being in school.
  • Students and their families will recognize the importance of consistent attendance and sustain positive attendance habits.

Attendance Matters program currently supports students at 15 inner city elementary schools. Modified programs, which include breakfast, absentee support and school engagement, also run in six inner city secondary schools.

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