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Summer Learning
Summer Learning

Summer Learning

The Surrey School District has thousands of students spending the weeks of July and August in school every year.

summerschool.png1. Full Credit - for students wanting to take a secondary class, often to lighten their load in senior secondary years

2. Remedial - for students who have failed a course

3. LEAD Program*

4. Transitions - for students going from grade 7 to grade 8*

6. Elementary - Literacy & Numeracy* 

7. Early French Immersion*

8. Late French Immersion*

* Only for Surrey School District students who are referred by their home school and meet the criteria to be enrolled in the summer programs.

Summer School is provided free of charge to students who normally reside in British Columbia. International students and students from other provinces and territories in Canada are charged a tuition fee at the time of registration.

Fee-paying Interntational students currently attending school in the Surrey School District need to contact the Summer Learning Office at 604-595-6077 once they have registered on-line in order to pay for their course. Payment can be made by Visa or MasterCard. Seats are confirmed once payment is received. 

Adults and students who attend an independent or out-of-district school must register in person. 

International and out of province students may attend and pay $900 for each full-credit course and $500 for each remedial course.

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