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Grandview Heights Secondary
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Transition Plan

Grandview Heights Secondary Transition Plan from Surrey Schools on Vimeo.

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June 2019

Construction Progress Images

Grandview - May 2019 - 1 thumbnail.jpg
Grandview - May 2019 - 2 thumbnail.jpg
Grandview - May 2019 - 3 thumbnail.jpg
Grandview - May 2019 - 4 thumbnail.jpg



April 11, 2019

Dear Parents or Guardians,

Grandview Heights Secondary, a new state-of-the-art 1,500 student capacity secondary school in the Grandview Heights area of Surrey (16987 25th Ave.), has been tendered and is scheduled to begin construction with a target occupancy of September 2021. The new school will address the overcrowding in the South Surrey and White Rock areas.

To prepare for the opening of Grandview Heights, new catchment boundaries need to be established for the area secondary schools (Earl Marriott, Elgin Park, Semiahmoo and Grandview Heights) to redistribute enrolment among four schools instead of three.

You likely will recall, a year ago, the district held several public hearings, hosted online forums and invited written and emailed responses through area schools to receive your input on four boundary options. The community engagement process involved more than 1,200 parents, students and staff.

While conflicting community desires were identified in the community forums and online discussions, Option 2B emerged as the overall preferred approach through this consultation process. The Surrey Board of Education received the report at its April 10, 2019 public board meeting.

Therefore, effective September 2020, the following boundary changes will be implemented:

  1. Semiahmoo Trail Elementary will feed to Elgin Park Secondary
  2. White Rock Elementary (which currently has a split catchment and feeds to both Earl Marriott Secondary and Semiahmoo Secondary) will feed to Semiahmoo Secondary

It is important to note the following:

  • Existing Semiahmoo and Earl Marriott students are grandfathered. (i.e. Past students from either feeder school who currently attend either Semiahmoo Secondary or Earl Marriott Secondary will not be required to move.)
  • By policy, the sibling rule will apply.
  • Earl Marriott and Semiahmoo will continue to be closed to new in-catchment students for the 2020 school year.
  • Intensive Fine Arts students from White Rock Elementary will be given the option to transition to Earl Marriott Secondary until the regular cross boundary process is restored in 2021.
The district recognizes this boundary review is a significant undertaking and staff appreciate the extensive feedback provided by the school communities. Much thought and care has gone into deliberating the options. The district remains committed to working with families to ease the transition to their new catchment schools.


Lynda Reeve
Assistant Superintendent
Surrey Schools


Surrey Schools is conducting a public consultation on proposed catchment boundaries for the new Grandview Heights Secondary school. Please review the option maps below and submit any feedback through PlaceSpeak.

Additionally, Surrey Schools is hosting four community forums to discuss the options. The forum dates are:

  • April 30, 2018 at Earl Marriott (for East Kensington, Hall's Prairie, Jessie Lee, Laronde, Morgan, Pacific Heights, Peace Arch, Rosemary Heights and South Meridian families)
  • May 14, 2018 at Earl Marriott (for Earl Marriott families)
  • May 15, 2018 at Elgin Park (for Chantrell Creek, Crescent Park, Elgin Park, Ocean Cliff and Ray Shepherd families)
  • May 16, 2018 at Semiahmoo (for Bayridge, H.T. Thrift, Semiahmoo, Semiahmoo Trail, Sunnyside and White Rock families)

Families are encouraged to attend the specific evening for their own school in order to balance forum attendance numbers for each meeting. However, as the information presented at each forum will be the same, if you cannot attend on your evening, you are welcome to attend any one of the meetings if the times suit you better.

Catchment Boundary Options & Information

Grandview-current boundaries.png
Grandview-Option 1A.png
Grandview-Option 1B.png
Grandview-Option 2A.png
Grandview-Option 2B.png
Grandview Enrolment and Housing Information.png
Grandview Option 1A Information.png
Grandview Option 1B Information.png
Grandview Option 2A Information.png
Grandview Option 2B Information.png

Grandview Heights Secondary Information Package.pdf

Grandview Heights Secondary Feedback Form.pdf

Grandview Heights Community Forum presentation 2018.pdf

Grandview Heights Secondary Running FAQ.pdf

Grandview Heights Secondary FAQ 2020.pdf


3 Grandview Secondary - Main Floor Plan.png
4 Grandview Secondary - Second Floor Plan.png
5 Grandview Secondary - Site Plan.png
6 Grandview Secondary - Renderings.png
7 Grandview Secondary - Renderings.png
8 Grandview Secondary - Renderings.png
9 Grandview Secondary - Renderings.png





Ministry of Education Capital Planning
Capital Asset Management - Project Procurement Procedures and Guidelines

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Time: 3/2/2021 10:31:35 PM
Host: AS78
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