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Future Projects
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2020-21 Five Year Capital Plan | Capital Plan Summary: English / Mandarin / Punjabi ]

Projects Pending Approval

Priority order of projects as listed on our five-year Capital Plan.

While we work closely with the Ministry of Education, and they are aware of our priorities on our Capital Plan, none of these projects have received funding to proceed to design and construction. Once funded, these projects would move to the Project Details page.

Please note, these priorities include additions, land acquisitions and new schools.

Once a year, the board adopts a five-year Capital Plan. As that plan is put into action, we have created the list below as an ongoing, live document of our projects and planning.

There may be subtle differences between the annual Capital Plan and the the projects pending approval list below. Any differences in priorities are the result of emergent needs, likely the result of our rapid growth.

As soon as a project receives funding approval from the Ministry of Education, it moves from our Pending Approval and Capital Plan list to the Progress Chart page.

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School Additions

  1. Sunnyside Elementary
  2. Morgan Elementary
  3. White Rock Elementary
  4. K.B. Woodward Elementary
  5. Tamanawis Secondary
  6. Guildford Park Secondary
  7. Fleetwood Park Secondary
  8. Kwantlen Park Secondary
  9. Semiahmoo Trail Elementary
  10. South Meridian Elementary
  11. Clayton Heights Secondary
  12. Fraser Heights Secondary
  13. William Watson Elementary
  14. North Surrey Secondary
  15. McLeod Road Traditional
  16. Frank Hurt Secondary
  17. Martha Currie Elementary
  18. Semiahmoo Secondary

New Schools

  1. Sunnyside Heights area elementary
  2. New South Newton area elementary
  3. Grandview Heights Elementary
  4. Redwood Heights area elementary
  5. South Port Kells elementary
  6. Newton area secondary
  7. Clayton Elementary
  8. New Pacific/Sunnyside Heights elementary
  9. New South Port Kells secondary
  10. Abbey Ridge elementary

Site Acquisitions

  1. Site Acquisition South Newton elementary
  2. Site Acquisition Redwood Heights elementary
  3. Site Acquisition New Dart's Hill elementary
  4. Site Acquisition Anniedale/Tynehead
  5. Clayton Elementary
  6. Site Acquisition Newton secondary
  7. Site Acquisition Fleetwood elementary
  8. Grandview Heights Elementary
  9. Site Acquisition South Port Kells secondary
  10. Site Acquisition Abbey Ridge elementary
  11. Site Acquisition Pacific/Sunnyside Heights elementary

Capital Projects Pending Approval – School Replacement

Project Priority
HighMountainview Montessori (#050)
School Replacement
Riverdale Elementary (#059)
School Replacement
MediumPort Kells Elementary (#002)
School Replacement

Capital Projects Pending Approval – Seismic Mitigation

Project Priority
High (H1)
Queen Elizabeth Secondary (#022)
Seismic Upgrade
High (H1)
Prince Charles Elementary (#044)
Seismic Upgrade
MediumDavid Brankin Elementary (#058)
Seismic Upgrade

Capital Plan

New projects are first identified in the school district's Capital Plan submission to the Ministry of Education. Projects are categorized by different project types such as Expansions (that adds new enrolling space), Replacements (replacing old existing buildings with a new school) and Seismic Mitigation (seismically upgrading existing H3 buildings).

As part of the Capital Plan submission to the Ministry of Education every year, the district prepares a Project Request Fact Sheet that outlines to the ministry at a very high level the rationale for the project, and a proposed project schedule and budget. After the ministry reviews the fact sheets, they can approve, or support, to release partial funding for the district to do a Project Definition Report (PDR).

Open House

Typically, plans for new schools are presented to the public in an open house format. This is an opportunity for the community to ask questions and make comments on the future design of the new school. Open houses would have the architects, district staff and sometimes city staff in attendance to field any questions from the public.

Valuable feedback from parents and the community is gathered, which is then used to inform the district planning and construction staff about future design.

Project Approval: Capital Project Funding Agreement

Once the province's Treasury Board approves the PDR, the province will issue a Capital Plan Funding Agreement (CPFA) that is the formal funding agreement between the ministry and a school district. Then the project can move into design and construction.

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