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How to Send Info to Schools, Parents, and Staff
How to Send Info to Schools, Parents, and Staff

​​​​​​​​​All requests to share info with parents, students or staff are received, reviewed and coordinated through the Business Development Department. Community organizations, businesses and individuals should not contact schools or staff directly with requests to post or share information. Charges are applied to cover the costs of managing the process and undertaking the actual distributions.

The Surrey School District continues in the endeavour to be environmentally friendly, so we’re going to be distributing information to staff, students, parents and school PACs by email as much as possible in the future.

There will be several ways for community organizations, businesses and individuals to share information with schools, parents and staff in 2017-2018 as follows:

1.      Post information on our public or staff only online bulletin boards

2.      Email short information to schools with a link to a more detailed pdf for forwarding to PARENTS.  Please note some schools cannot yet email parents and so will require hard copies (see Pricing and Procedures document for list). You can choose to send only emails, if you don't want to print and package hard copies. You can also choose to distribute only to schools in the north, south, east or west areas of the School District.

3.      Email short information to schools with a link to a more detailed pdf for forwarding to SCHOOL STAFF or SCHOOL PACs.

Please note that the Business Development Department will ensure that information gets to schools for distribution, however, emails and distributions of hard copy flyers are then distributed on the school’s schedule and at their discretion.  There is no guarantee that your piece will be emailed or arrive hard copy to every family or each staff person in our large district.  No refunds will be provided once we email the info to schools. 

In an effort to reduce the amount of paper in schools, hard copies of coupons, flyers and information will no longer be included in June report card envelopes.  Instead, these pieces can be distributed during the May 20th distribution to parents.  Please submit your draft flyer and information for inclusion in any quarterly distribution following the guidelines listed below.

To share your information with parents or staff, follow these steps:

1.   Submit a final draft of a maximum two-page flyer in .pdf format to the Business Development Department at  Please name the document with a maximum five word title that describes the contents and relevant dates ie: “Fun Run April 22”.  

All flyers must include the following waiver in size 10 font: “SD 36 receives a fee to facilitate the distribution of advertising materials from some community organizations and businesses. SD 36 does not accept responsibility or liability for the contents of any advertising and does not endorse an advertiser’s services, goods or programs.”

Approved information will be posted on one, or both, of the district public/parent website or the district internal/staff website. Information can also be emailed to parents or staff in the district.

When a distributor wishes to have information emailed out to parents and staff, they must send along with the draft of their flyer to the Business Development Department, the following information by the deadline:

A)   One short sentence describing the program, activity or service you are promoting.  This sentence will be used when emailing information to staff or parents and will be followed by a link to your flyer which will be posted on our district website.

B)    The following information:        

-   Your contact information (name, phone number, email and name of your organization)

-   Whether you would like your flyer sent to parents or staff by email or posted on either our public/parent bulletin  board or our internal/staff bulletin board.

-   If you are requesting your flyer is sent to parents or staff, please confirm whether you would like your flyer sent to all schools, or just elementary or just secondary or just to a group of schools (if you're sending to a select group of schools, please name the school.

Please note that there are still some schools in the district that cannot email information to parents. Please see the instructions and latest list of schools.   Procedure and Cost Schedule 2017-2018

2.   Upon receipt of your draft, the Business Development Department will review the contents and receive approval from additional district departments where required.  As this review can take up to two weeks, please send your drafts in early to avoid missing deadlines.  The Business Development Department will contact the person who submitted the draft, to request edits or approve the flyer, by email. 

3.   Once approved, the flyer will be posted on our online community bulletin board or internal staff bulletin board.  Where a group requests distribution of information by email to staff and/or parents, that information will be included in the next email out to schools which happen in  August, November, February and May.  Please note that while all schools can email their staff, not all schools are yet able to email all parents.  If your group wishes to include all parents in your distribution, you will also be required to make some photocopies of your flyer and deliver them, packaged into 9” x 12” x 1.5” envelopes, to our distribution centre by the distribution deadline.  Directions on how to package your flyers and the address for our distribution centre will be supplied by email.

Questions? Please contact June Owens, Business Development Department @ 604-595-6066 or

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