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How to Send Info to Schools, Parents, and Staff
How to Send Info to Schools, Parents, and Staff


Information about community programs, events, services and opportunities is available to families and residents through the Business Development Department.

All requests from external organizations to distribute information to parents, staff or students in SD36 are handled through the Business Development Department. The Business Development Department receives, reviews and coordinates all pieces for distribution. Charges are applied to cover the costs of distributing the information.

Please note that we will send or post ONLY information related to school activities to staff ie: field trip, school presenters and that we will send or post ONLY information about community events and activities to parents. We will not send or post information about products or businesses unrelated to school or community activities.


There are two ways to disseminate information through the Surrey School District.  

(1)   Public or Internal Website

Posting on the Public or Internal Website can be done at any time throughout the year.

(2)   Communit-E Bulletin

Communit-E Bulletins are distributed to schools 4 times per year via email or hard copy.  These bulletins are comprised of various organizations delivering a service or event.  These services and events must be community and/or family and child related.  We do not promote products in our Bulletins.

For further general information please click on the titles located to the left.  For detailed information please download our Procedures and Cost Schedule by clicking here.


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