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Current Donors
Current Donors


  Trustees Circle - $50,000+


Support for arts performances in several schools


Support for Nutritious Breakfast programs at 15 inner-city schools


                             BFL logo.png

Support of snack programs in 26 inner-city elementary schools

Gov BC logo.jpg 

Support for Jumpstart Academy (in 26 inner-city elementary schools) and the Play-On program through their After School Sport and Arts Initiative.

Support for the Urban Aboriginal Youth Discovery Program through the Cultural Connections for Aboriginal Youth program


Support for the Sticks and Stars Program for the past three years, and funding for the ExplorAction Program


Support of playground equipment in several schools, and support of Community-Schools Partnership programs

Support for the Building Foundations Program, the Jumpstart Academy, School Supplies, and Food Programs

                                 DASH BC

Support for the 'Play On' Adapted Physical Activity Program, and donation to Community Schools Partnership programs

 Support of the Envision Financial Jazz Festival for the past 32 years

Indigo Love of Reading Foundation

Support for thousands of new library books in five inner-city elementary schools

Jumpstart logo.jpg

Support for Jumpstart Academy in 26 inner-city elementary schools, and support for the ‘Play-On’ Adapted Physical Activity Program

MusiCounts / MusiCompte Logo  

Support for new music instruments in several elementary and secondary schools.

RBC Logo

Support for RBC After-school Programs (DREAM Academy, ROOTS Academy, CONNECT Academy, and PAWS Academy), the RBC Wicket Cricket program, and the RBC Hockey Program

 rona logo.jpg

Support of the RONE Hire Program for the past 6 years

Image of the Surrey Fire Fighters Logo with text that reads: Surrey Fire Fighters Association

Support for food programs in several inner-city elementary and secondary schools


Support for Sticks and Stars Boys Program and the Girls In Action Program in 4 elementary schools

Van Sun Childrens Fund.png

Support of breakfast programs and basic needs for students in 16 elementary schools, support of the REACH Peer-to-Peer Tutoring Program, and after-school programs

                                 UBCM logo

 Support of several upgrades to school facilities and playgrounds


Support of Community-Schools Partnership programs



Support of the Floral Design Program


   Superintendents Circle - $25,000+


Support for music instruments at several schools

Daytrippers logo.jpg

Support for field trips for several inner-city elementary schools


Support for outdoor educational field trips for several inner-city schools


Support for the Early Learning Physical Activity Program, the Girls In Action Program and the Aboriginal Games program

Support for Aboriginal Books, Breakfast and Authors Program


   Directors Circle - $10,000+


Support for the REACH Program in secondary schools

g.jpgSupport of the Early Learning Physical Literacy Project in eight elementary schools.​

                North Surrey Lions Club  

Support of Meal Programs at 5 inner-city elementary schools


Support of environmental activities in several elementary and secondary schools

Tree Canada 

Support of planting several trees on the schools grounds in various elementary schools

L_WSC_Horiz_4_3inch-300ppi.jpgSupport the RockIT program in elementary schools.

Support for the Girls in Action Program, and the BLAST (Bringing Learning to After-School Time) Program

    Teachers Circle - $5,000+

BC Hydro Energy Ambassadors, Show Kids You Care (Trinity Global Support Foundation), Warm Hearts Charitable Foundation, Industry Training Authority


    Honour Role - $250+

Charlene Dobie, Ron Reynolds, Kiwanis Club, Denise Wootton, North Surrey Lions Club, Leon Lalsingh, H & M Tang, Monia & Rakesh Lamba, Long & McQuade, Tom Lee, Matterhorn, Gerry Rempel, BC Lifesaving Society, Tapestry Music Ltd., T & T Parts Surrey, J E Binding Enterprises, Julian Dix, Konica Minolta, Hargo S Mundi Law Corp, James Mugisha, Kenny Mugisha, Big Kahuna

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