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Ways to Give
Ways to Give

Gifts to a specific school, to one of our district's Priority Programs or unrestricted gifts, which the district will allocate to the area of greatest need at the time, can be made in one of the following ways:

Make a donation online

Click here to donate online using your Debit card or by credit card.  We accept Visa and Mastercard.  

A donor may give to any school or to any program in the district via this online method.

To donate to one of the district's priority programs, select "Surrey School District" from the top of the drop down menu, and then write into the message section the name of the program to which you wish to designate your donation.   

Mail, Fax or Email

Download our fillable Surrey Schools Donation Card - Oct 2020 and send the completed form by mail, email or fax along with confirmation of your cash donation to:

Business Development Department

Surrey District Education Centre

14033 92nd Avenue

Surrey, BC   V3V 0B7

P. 604-595-6066

F. 604-595-6067



Automatic Bank Debit

You may donate by automatic bank debit by downloading and sending the completed Surrey Schools Donation Card to us along with a void cheque.

Donate by Phone

If you prefer to make a donation by phone by credit card and or to speak directly with a representative, please call us at 604-595-6066 . Visit our Contact Us page to speak to a particular person.

Tax Benefits of Making a Donation

The Surrey School District is a registered Canadian Charity with the Canada Revenue Agency.  We provide tax receipts for cash donations over $25.  (Read more)  "In kind" donations (gifts of goods or services),  will first be appraised to determine fair market value and then a tax receipt may be issued. 

The Canadian income tax system encourages gifts to charities by granting tax credits to individual donors (corporations may claim deductions). For annual donations under $200, you will receive a tax credit of about 22 cents per dollar donated. For donations exceeding $200, you receive even more – about 43 cents for every dollar donated.

These are federal and provincial tax credits. The provincial tax credit varies depending on the province in which you live. We encourage you to consult with a qualified financial advisor for the most accurate information regarding your personal taxation situation.

For more detailed information regarding charitable giving, see the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency website.


Additional Tax Tips

· Charitable donations may be claimed up to an annual limit of 75% of net income (100% for gifts made in the year of death, including testamentary gifts such as bequests).

· Individuals and corporations who donate shares or other securities get a tax break on any resulting capital gain. As of the May 2, 2006 Federal Budget, any capital gains arising on the donation of the securities will be tax-free.

· The securities must be publicly traded on certain stock exchanges; for example, the TSE, the NYSE, or certain other listed exchanges.

·Unclaimed charitable donations can also be carried forward up to 5 years.

·Either spouse can claim the tax credit, regardless of which spouse’s name is on the charitable donation receipt.

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