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Picture Placeholder: Shelli Roesler
  • Shelli Roesler
09/30/2019 10:01 PM

​Hello, when will the template be available for download for the 2019 CSL reports? I am unable to change and save my reports from last year as a new file for this year. Thanks! 

9/30/2019 10:01 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Lorraine Rizzardo
  • Lorraine Rizzardo
02/24/2019 1:04 PM


I am looking for the form we can send home to parents to guide them with more of a questioning and responding to the childrens work and progress in freshgrade more than a Happy Face.  I was looking on the Resources on the Hub under CSL but can not see it. 

2/24/2019 1:04 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Antonio Vendramin
  • Antonio Vendramin
012/4/2017 8:08 AM

If a teacher is using FreshGrade, the Student Transfer Form should be used. A copy should be given to parents and a copy filed. If the move occurs close to the end of the school year, a full summative report should be completed. You can find the Student Transfer Form HERE or under the "RESOURCES" tab above then under "REPORTING".

If a teacher is using the Student Progress Template, that form should be used if a student moves part-way through the school year. A copy should be given to parents and a copy filed. If the move occurs between formal reporting periods, the Student Transfer Form may be used. 

12/4/2017 8:08 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Loris Harding
  • Loris Harding
112/3/2017 2:49 PM

​I started to enter info into the career ed. portion of my reports then chose not to report on that subject this term. I deleted the content from the boxes but when I print the report the empty career ed box show on some, not all, of my reports. Is there a way to delete these?

Antonio Vendramin12/4/2017 8:00 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Antonio Vendramin
  • Antonio Vendramin
011/27/2017 3:14 PM

Surrey’s new CSL regulation states that it is the responsibility of the school principal and teacher to:

“Ensure reports or forms of communication directing parents to ongoing digital or non-digital assessed evidence of learning … are made a minimum of five times during the school year.”

Given that teachers have been sharing information about student learning throughout the term via digital portfolios, schools should provide parents with some form of communication twice in the school year prior to the Final Report on Student Learning that directs parents to evidence of learning the student’s digital portfolio. A generic letter reminding parents to check the student’s digital portfolio can be found here and should be sent home in the coming weeks in order to:

  • Comply with CSL regulation;

  • Direct parents to their child’s digital portfolio; and

  • Provide parents with an opportunity to share their feedback.

Two other versions of a short editable document, Digital Portfolio Parent Letter, have been prepared for teachers to use if they choose and can be found HERE - including letter grade versions.

11/27/2017 3:14 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Antonio Vendramin
  • Antonio Vendramin
011/27/2017 3:10 PM

Yes. Find the form you need HERE.

Letter grade versions can be found HERE.

11/27/2017 3:10 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Antonio Vendramin
  • Antonio Vendramin
011/27/2017 3:08 PM

Please use this quick reference to determine who to call if you require FreshGrade support:

11/27/2017 3:08 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Amar Gandhi
  • Amar Gandhi
18/10/2017 1:52 PM

​ Hi Mr. Vendramin, thanks for always updating the curr. support page. I really liked the newly added Primary inquiry models and the ADST templates. The page is very user friendly and supportive. Thanks for adding.

Antonio Vendramin11/23/2017 9:42 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Lorraine Rizzardo
  • Lorraine Rizzardo
19/26/2017 5:48 PM

​Hi, I have been trying to put the Freshgrade proficiency scale that you provided me last year on the top of the freshgrade  for each of my students with a note to the parents about it.  I have tried to take a pic of it, and it does not come out so that all the sections are seen.  Also, I have saved it as a doc but then the parents do not see it repeatedly  as they look at their child's portfolio.  Do you have a way to do with so that it shows the complete array?  

Antonio Vendramin11/20/2017 5:22 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Glenys Mcfarlane
  • Glenys Mcfarlane
111/18/2017 12:37 PM

​How do I delete a student from the CSL template? Thanks 🙃

Antonio Vendramin11/20/2017 5:20 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Antonio Vendramin
  • Antonio Vendramin
010/26/2016 4:52 PM

Letter grades OR proficiency scales may be used, but letter grades must be given to parents upon request. The most important point is clear communication with parents and that schools have thoughtfully consulted with parents regarding the move away from letter grades.  

How is this conversation going at your school? How is your school engaging parents in this conversation?

10/26/2016 4:52 PMNo
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