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Digital Portfolio Parent Letters - These forms direct parents to evidence of learning the student’s digital portfolio.  NEW*

Student Progress Template COVERS  - ENGLISH and VARIOUS LANGUAGE TRANSLATIONS (for those using the SD36 Student Progress Template). Proficiency Scale and Letter Grade versions available!

K-7 Student Progress Template (2017-18):

*IMPORTANT NOTE:  2017-18 Template versions have been recently uploaded again after a minor bug was fixed. If you have already started work, you may continue to do so but know that STUDENT FOUR will not appear and print.  You may simply continue to work and not use the fourth record.  If you have not yet started to work on your template, please use the revised versions above. Thank you!


  • K-7 teachers may choose to either version of the Student Progress Template above (2016-17 or 2017-18).
  • Clicking links above will download files to the DOWNLOADS FOLDER or DESKTOP of your computer. Please ensure you open files with Adobe from those locations and not within your web browser.
  • Teachers may use letter grades (Grades 4-7) or proficiency scales.  Teachers choosing to use proficiency scales are encouraged to use the proficiency language shared above. Letter grades will be provided to parents upon request.


Surrey Schools CSL guidelines have been developed through a consultative process, involving students, teachers, the STA, parents, and administrators.

Parents, we welcome your feedback. Please take a moment to take THIS SHORT SURVEY.

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