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PAC (Parent Advisory Committee)


(Parent Advisory Council)

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PAC meetings will be held virtually on ZOOM - Last Tuesday of the month - start time 6:30pm

YES, ALL PARENTS ARE BUSY... Please come join us!  Our meetings are always informative as we receive a detailed principal's report!  Parents who attend meetings represent the best interest of all the students. We encourage you to attend meetings as often as you can manage. Your welcome to bring your children to the meetings and they can play in the kindergarten classroom. If you need a ride, we can arrange carpooling.


The Parent Advisory Council (P.A.C.) is made up of ALL the parents/Guardians of the students of the school. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings.  In the Spring we vote-in an executive that perform formal roles to ensure the organization continues smoothly. Below is who is in what position this school year.

PAC Executive positions: 

President: Stephanie vanBeusekom
Vice President:
Treasurer: Jennifer Gloeckner
Secretary: Courtney Morimoto
PAC Committee positions:
Grade 6/7 Coordinators: Mina Sahota & Erin Evans
Emergency Preparedness:
Fundraising Coordinator: Jodi Beanblosson
Fruit & Veggie: Jessica Del Rosario & Jeannette Soriano


  • Help fund busses/field trips, guest speakers/performers, staff appreciation, etc.
  • Help fund purchase of iPads, laptops, steel drums, library books, playground, etc.
  • Provide classroom supplies budget for each teacher. 
  • Organize fundraisers to raise funds for above & provide fun community culture
  • Maintain emergency preparedness kit.
  • Administer fruit and veggies program.
  • Meet with, communicate & collaborate with the Principal monthly.

Thank you for getting involved to help make Clayton Elementary a great school for our children!

Please contact the school's PAC to see how you may be of service.  We can be reached via message at the office, grabbing us in the playground, or through our  PAC email:

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