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Policies & Procedures


This is a valuable program in that parents need not wonder if their child arrived at school or got to the classroom on time.  If we have not been notified of your child’sabsence, and your child does not arrive at school, we will try to notify you so that you can take immediate steps to locate your child. This program improves the security for our children, and hopefully provides parents with increased peace of mind.

 The program operates very simply:

 If your child is going to be absent, please telephone the school before8:30 am for the morning session or before 12:28 pm for the afternoon session.


 If your child is not at school for the morning or afternoon attendance checks, and we have not heard from you, our secretary will phone your home to make sure the child is safe. If contact is not made, the secretary will continue to call the names on the student file until all possibilities are tried. It is important that we have the most up-to-date contact information.

 If you are unable to phone by 8:30, please try to call before one of our secretary's does to save them one more call.  Please leave a message on our answering machine if you are not able to reach the office staff in person.  Your help is appreciated.


Code of Conduct

At Clayton Elementary we are all Clayton Cougars.  As Clayton Cougars we have a CODE.

Clayton Cougars:

Care for self, others, and property

Own our learning

Demonstrate respect

Express empathy for everyone

The Cougar CODE is how we live and work in our building and represent our school and community.  Students are expected to follow the CODE in classrooms, throughout the school, on school grounds, at school functions regardless of their location, and on the way to and from school.  It is the philosophy on which we base our conduct and our discipline practices. 

Picture1.pngOur staff are trauma informed which means we make connection with children our absolute first priority, look at behaviour as communication, focus on the whole child, and treat all circumstances and children as individuals.  We use restoration to solve problems and in discipline matters and seek to understand student's needs.  We treat all children individually and fairly and make every attempt to give them what they need.  This is being trauma informed.

We follow the Surrey School district's safe and caring school policies (Policy 9410).

Safe and Caring schools:


  • Bullying (including cyber-bullying)
  • Harassment, threat, intimidation and marginalization
  • Violence in any form
  • Abuse in any form (verbal, physical, sexual)
  • intolerance and discrimination in any form, i.e. based on an individual or group's race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, political belief, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, or age
  • Retribution against a person who has reported incidents


  • Intoxicating or banned substances (including alcohol, cigarettes, e-cigs and drugs)
  • Theft and vandalism (or damage to personal property)
  • Weapons or replica (toy) weapons (including laser pointers); explosives (including fireworks) and pepper or other obnoxious sprays
  • Intruders or trespassers (all visitors must first report to the office)
  • Inappropriate clothing or unacceptable slogans imprinted on clothing

Electronics at school:

  • School computers and other electronic devices are only to be used for school/education related activities. They are not permitted for social networking, gaming, illegal, obscene or inappropriate purposes. Inappropriate use includes, but is not limited to, attempts to vandalize, gain unauthorized access to data or another person's account or resources, and sharing of data without personal or parental consent as appropriate.
  • Recording of visual images is not permissible at school unless permission has been received by the classroom teacher with respect to a classroom project.
  • Students are to be aware that they may be subject to discipline (or, if applicable, confiscation of personal property) for misuse of any technology if it negatively impacts the school environment.
  • Misuse of district technology services will lead to suspension of user privileges and possible disciplinary or legal action.


Home/school communication is vital to student success.   A proactive and supportive approach is the best way to support your child and their learning.  Learning is often full of challenging situations and lessons and as adults, we often to wish to ease these for our children.  These challenges, however, are true growth opportunities through which we need to guide and support our children rather than smoothing the path.  Having our children take responsibility and own their learning and actions, while an adult is alongside to assist, is where true growth and learning take place.   At Clayton, we take these opportunities with a growth mindset and ask that you join us in supporting your child through their learning.   If you ever have concerns or questions about your child's progress or an incident at school, please contact the classroom teacher to seek more information so together, we can work through how to help your child grow and develop and assist you and your child to solve any problems or issues.

Newsletters in the form of a NewsFlash come out every Friday.  Please make sure you are signed up to receive our emails by going to our school website and subscribing at the bottom of the page.  This is a great way to keep in the loop about what is happening at the school.  Vital information is often shared through these newsletters and other emails that are sent home. 


Safety is a top concern.  We ask that ALL VISITORS – parents, volunteers, anyone who is not a regular student or staff member sign in at the office and receive a visitor badge when you come to the school during school hours.  This includes those parents who wish to drop off a lunch to their child.  Please come to the office to drop it off and we will get the lunch to your child.  Please do not go directly to classrooms without first checking in at the office as this is greatly disruptive of the learning going on, not only for your child but for other children in the class.  

Assemblies and School Community Functions

We value our Community immensely.  Time to time, we will have performances and assemblies.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.   We also have a variety of school events throughout the year to bring our community together.  Keep up with events through the weekly NewsFlash and other home/school communications.

Clayton Elementary is a place of belonging and care for all.  

We encourage all families to be actively involved in our school community through attendance at events, our Parent Advisory Council (PAC), volunteering in classrooms, and just being present at our school.  Our doors are always open to hear parent input and we value all parent involvement.  

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