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  • Clayton Elementary is a dynamic school which boasts a 110 year tradition of providing a quality educational program for students of this rural community. Within its small school environment, staff strive to provide large school programs which foster all aspects of each child's academic, emotional, social, physical and artistic development. 
  • Our school focus is to strengthen our sense of community including students, parents, and staff to make our school a place where we have empathy and regard for all its members.  
  • Everyone in our school has a right to work and play in an environment which is safe, respectful and cooperative. Everyone in our school is expected to respect the rights of others and to accept responsibility for his or her own behaviour. Everyone in our school is expected to resolve problems in a positive way.


1891          Clayton School, a one-room schoolhouse,was built just north of the present building on 184 Street.

1921          The school burned down and was replaced by a two-room schoolhouse, now the older part of the present building.

1922          Clayton students raised money to purchase playground equipment for the new school grounds.

1924          Clayton Log Cabin school, built in 1891,was demolished. The log school house was located on the east side of 184 Street across from Clayton School.

1926          The Clayton community presented theschool with an organ to help the children with their musical entertainments.

1955          The first addition was made to Clayton School.

1971          East Clayton Elementary School opened.

1991          The school and community celebrated thes chools’ centenary. A quilt, which was part of the centenary project, hangs in the school.

1992          A portable classroom was added at EastClayton and some Grade 3 students attended Clayton due to increased enrolments.

1999          The total school population suddenly grew again because of housing developments south of the Fraser Highway.  A portable classroom was added at each site.

2007          Student population stood atapproximately 154 primary students at East Clayton, and 157 intermediate students at Clayton.

2008          Two portables were added at East Clayton - population 217, while Clayton remained at 170 students. 

2009          Population diminished by approximately 240 students, who got o the new school, Hazelgrove.  East Clayton and Clayton merged into one school, to be called Clayton Elementary,with approximately 110 students from K to Grade 7.  Schooling took place at the East Clayton site while seismic upgrading and renovations took place.  Anticipated return to the Clayton Elementary site was in the spring of 2010, but didn’t occur until the end of the school year. 

2010          Return to Clayton Elementary after seismic upgrades andr enovations. A new larger library portable is brought to Clayton as well as onenew classroom portable.  The ‘link’ isbuilt joining the two buildings.  A multi-purpose room is built in the basement. Instead of a computer lab the school now has two laptop carts.  Population is anticipated to increase from year to year.  The Clayton site, for the first time, is now a K-7 school.  A mural was painted in the front entrance of the school to celebrate the rural setting which is quickly changing as new housing developments are built.

2011          Two additional modulars placed on site behind the school in anticipation of a rising population.

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