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Baritone Uke Chords D, G, A7, C, D7, A,  E.docx
Baritone Uke Chords D, G, A7, C, D7, A,  E.pdf
Bee Bee Bumble Bee.mp3
Button and the key.mp3
C and D Tuning - Soprano Ukulele.pdf
Grade 7 Band 2017-18 Parent Letter.pdf
Guitar Chords D, G, A7, A, C, E7, E, Am, D7, Em, G7, Dm.docx
Guitar Chords D, G, A7, A, C, E7, E, Am, D7, Em, G7, Dm.pdf
Kye Kye Kule Lesson plan.pdf
O Canada New Lyrics.pptx
recorder fingering chart.pdf
Recorder Notice Sample Letter.docx
Ric A Dam Doo Notice.pdf
SOP Ukulele Chords C, G7, F, G, A, Am, A7, Dm, D.docx
SOP Ukulele Chords C, G7, F, G, A, Am, A7, Dm, D.pdf
Soprano Ukulele C Tuning.pdf
Soprano Ukulele D Tuning.pdf


collapse Grade Level : 1-3 ‎(2)
Button and the Key

Round comes ___________, round comes he/she

__________ is hiding the button and the key

Who has the button? “I have the button”

Who has the key? “I have the key”

_________ = student name

“I have the button” only sung by the student with the button

“I have the key” only sung by the student with the key


Spider and the bat – what do you think of that

Pumpkin and the witch – what a switch

Santa and the tree – original words

Cupid and the heart – isn’t she/he smart

Shamrock and the gold – isn’t she/he bold​

I’s The B’y

I'se the b'y that build the boat,

and I'se the b'y that sails her.

I'se the b'y that catches the fish

and takes them home to Lizar

Hip your partner Sally Tibbo

Hip your partner Sally Brown,

Fogo, Twillingate, Morton's Harbour, all around the circle.

Sods and Rinds to cover your flake,

Cake and tea for supper,

Codfish in the spring of the year,

Fried in maggoty butter.

I don't want your maggoty fish,

that's no good for winter,

I could buy as good as that,

Down in Bonavista.

I took Liza to a dance

and faith but she could travel

and every step that she did take

was up to her knees in gravel

Susan White, she's out of sight

Her petticoat wants a border

Old Sam Oliver in the dark

He kissed her in the corner.

collapse Grade Level : 1-5 ‎(1)
To Stop The Train

To stop the train

in cases of emergency

you pull on the chain, pull on the chain.

Penalty for improper use,

five pounds

collapse Grade Level : 2-3 ‎(4)
Bee Bee Bumblebee

​Bee bee bumble bee,

Stung a man upon his knee,

Stung a pig upon his snout,

I declare that you are out!

Double Double

​Double double ice ice

Double double cream cream

Double ice, double cream

Double double ice cream


Double double this this

Double double that that

Double this double that

Double double this that

Long Legged Sailor

​Have you ever, ever, ever, in your long legged life,

seen a long legged sailor with a long legged wife.

No, I’ve never, ever, ever, in my long legged life,

seen a long legged sailor with a long legged wife.


short legged, 

bow legged, 

one legged, 

cross legged

Miss MaryMack
collapse Grade Level : 2-4 ‎(1)
Charlie Over The Ocean

Charlie over the ocean, (echo: Charlie over the ocean)

Charlie over the sea, (echo: Charlie over the sea)

Charlie caught a *blackfish*, (echo: Charlie caught a blackfish)

He can’t catch me, (echo: He can’t catch me)


“Blackfish” can be replaced with any fish to allow the caller an extra level of difficulty

You may decide that no fish can be repeated to increase difficulty

collapse Grade Level : 4 ‎(1)
Three Blind Mice

​Three blind mice, three blind mice,

See how they run, see how they run,

They all ran over the farmer’s wife

She cut off their tails with a carving knife,

Did you ever see such a sight in your life?

As three blind mice

collapse Grade Level : K-1 ‎(4)
Grizzly Bear

​Grizzly bear oh grizzly bear is sleeping in his/her cave

Please be very quiet, very very quiet,

If you wake him/her, if you shake him/her,

He’ll/She’ll get very mad!!!! (growl)

I Can Make A Shape

​I can make a shape, how about you?

I can make a shape, how about you?

I can make a shape, how about you?

Make a little shape just like I do


I can make a *******

Choose from: circle, square, rectangle, diamond, heart, triangle

I Like You

I like you,

Yes I do,

Won't you be a friend of mine,

 I like you.

Spider On The Floor

​There’s a spider on the floor on the floor (x5)


There’s a snowflake on my _________ (X5)

I See Cupid on the __________.

collapse Grade Level : K-2 ‎(3)
Lucy Locket

​Lucy Locket lost her pocket,

Kitty Fisher found it.

Not a penny was there in it,

Only ribbon round it.

Peace Is The World Smiling

Peace is the world smiling, 

peace is a gentle dove,

peace is sharing,

peace is caring,

peace is filling the world with love.

Penny In My Hand

​There’s a penny in my hand, 

it will travel through the land,

Is it here? is it there?

it will travel everywhere!

collapse Grade Level : K-4 ‎(1)
Turkey Knocked On My Back Door

Oh a turkey knocked at my back door, 

So I invited him in. Was a cold October Thursday, so I invited him in.

Won’t you come into my kitchen, my friend, I’ll boil some water for tea.

Come and sit here in my kitchen, we’ll chat, have a cookie, maybe two or three.

He answered no, no, no, no I won’t come into your kitchen, I said no, no, no, no I’ll see you another day!


​....was a cold December _______ so I invited him in.

collapse Grade Level : K-5 ‎(1)
Seven Steps

​Have you ever heard of the seven, seven,

Have you ever heard of the seven steps.

Watch the leader and you'll see,

What the next new step will be.

This is one.....(this is two, this is three, etc.)

Session info
Time: 4/14/2021 9:34:45 PM
Host: AS80
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