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 Available equipment

Did you know we have the following equipment available for use at District Festivals at the Bell Performing Arts Centre?

  • 1 x Steinway Model D – 9 foot Concert Grand Piano (Black)

  • 2 x Yamaha U5 Upright Pianos (One Black and One Maple)

  • 1 x Sonor Force 3007 Drum Kit (20” Kick, 10” 12” and 14” toms, Sonor 14” Snare, Sabian Cymbals – 14” Hi Hat, 16” Thin Crash, 20” Medium Ride)

  • 1 x Fender Deluxe Reverb Guitar Amp

  • 1 x Traynor DynaBass 300T Bass Amp

  • 1 set of Two LP Matador Congas with Stands

  • 1 x Yamaha Orchestra Bells

  • 1 x Musser Tubular Bells(Chimes)

  • 1 x Musser Xylophone

  • 1 x Musser Vibraphone

  • 1 x Yamaha 36” Concert Bass Drum

  • 4 x Ludwig Timpani (23”, 26”, 29”, 32”)

  • 100 x Manhasset Music Stands

  • 70 x Upholstered Musician Chairs

Please plan to bring all other equipment and instruments with you.

Parents are often able to assist with this transportation. The buses are for students!

No equipment larger than an alto sax can be transported by the passenger buses. Buses are booked and space is accounted for people only. School buses are prevented by law from carrying band instruments larger than an alto sax.


​Information below is available to support your drum, instrument, Orff, or piano repairs.

Orff repair parts are available for both Studio 49 and Suzuki xylophones and metallophones. Please open the link to "Orff Repair Parts" for the photos of nails, tubing, pins, and l-shaped screws available for you. Please send an email listing the parts required to Carol or Larissa and we will send you the parts in the courier. A repair kit consisting of a drill, hammer, sandpaper, wood glue, needle-nose plyers, and an Exact-O knife is also available upon email request.

Please also remember the on-site support offered by Stephen Horning at Simon Cunningham school. Contact  or call him at Simon Cunningham: (604 588-4435)  for more details.

Stephen Horning has volunteered to assist teachers with some Orff repair work. Please see the details below:

  • Mondays are the preferred day for drop off/work/support at Simon Cunningham Elementary.

  • Teachers are invited  to participate/assist or at the very least stay for the repair and offer your appreciation.

  • A small repair parts box will be at Simon Cunningham to make this process easier, but please understand that we may on occasion need to order additional repair parts.

  • For complicated repairs, it may be necessary to leave an instrument at Simon Cunningham for up to a week at a time. Stephen will best advise you based on your meeting with him, and the needs of your music program. We would appreciate your prompt pick-up after the repair is completed.

"Thank You" Stephen, and "Thank You" Core music teachers for making this process run smoothly,

Please note that you are still welcome to look after your own repairs and Carol Sirianni has repair kit and supplies at DEC for your use. Carol is happy to send  repair parts to you in the school courier. Photos and details of repair parts for Suzuki and Studio 49 parts are in the important documents list on this page.

If you are unable to manage repairs for any of your Orff instruments, call Carol and she will work with you on the next available steps.

Annual Servicing - Instrument Repair Form.pdfAnnual Servicing - Instrument Repair Form
Equipment and Resource Purchasing Catalogue.aspxEquipment and Resource Purchasing Catalogue
Light Tree Demo.txtLight Tree Demo
Music Tech Integration Loan Form.docxMusic Tech Integration Loan Form
Musical Instrument Repair and Piano Tuning - Fact Sheet.pdfMusical Instrument Repair and Piano Tuning - Fact Sheet
ORFF parts pictures.pdfORFF parts pictures
Orff Repair Instructions.docxOrff Repair Instructions
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