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What You Can Rent
What You Can Rent

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​DISTRICT SCHOOLS - for a list of district schools click here. Or use our school locator or geographical boundary map​ to locate a school in the area in which you would like to rent.

  • GYMS - For a list of district elementary gyms, their sizes and amenities, click here and for secondaries click here.  Secondary gyms are heavily used for school programs and are therefore not typically available for weekly rentals.  Groups that do rent secondary gyms may experience frequent cancellations of the space due to school needs.  The cancellations can happen with very little notice and no recourse to the rental group.  For these reasons, we do not recommend secondary gym rentals.

  • THEATRES - For a list of available theatres and seating capacity, click here​.

  • ELEMENTARY FIELDS - For a list of all rentable elementary fields, click here​​.​

  • MEETING ROOMS - A specified public meeting room is available 7 days a week for rent at a specific elementary school.  Meeting rooms in other buildings can occasionally be made available.     


    1. Multipurpose rooms, libraries, classrooms, and elementary kitchens are also available for rent in most schools.
    2. Secondary school facilities committed by school district contract to food service operator(s) are not available for use by others as specified in 3.1.2 here​.
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