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Oct 18
Learn more about new school space planned in Grandview neighbourhood

Grandview Open House 2017.jpg

Surrey Schools is hosting an open house to inform the public about new school space planned in the Grandview Heights neighbourhood.

Join us on Monday, Oct. 23 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Morgan Elementary (3366 156A St.) to learn more about the new Grandview Area secondary school, the Edgewood Drive area elementary school and an addition planned at Pacific Heights Elementary.

Attendees at this drop-in information session will have the opportunity to speak with architects, school district employees and City of Surrey staff about the new schools.

For more information, or if you cannot attend in person, visit to see site plans, floor plans, maps and renderings for these and other projects in the Capital Plan. You can also provide feedback on various projects or ask questions in the discussion.

Oct 13
Open house highlights two planned Clayton-area elementary schools

clayton open house oct 2017.png

Surrey Schools is hosting an open house to inform the public about new schools planned in the Clayton Heights neighbourhood.

Join us on Tuesday, Oct. 17 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Clayton Heights Secondary (7003 188 St.) to learn more about the Clayton North Area elementary school and Clayton Village North West elementary school.

Attendees at this drop-in information session will have the opportunity to speak with architects, school district employees and City of Surrey staff about the new schools.

For more information, or if you cannot attend in person, visit to see site plans, floor plans, maps and renderings for these and other projects in the Capital Plan. You can also provide feedback on various projects through the online survey, or ask questions in the discussion.

Oct 06
Surrey students and seniors make meaningful connections

What Generation Gap 2.JPG

It was about a year ago that 12 students from Surrey schools were selected to participate in What Generation Gap?, a collaborative project between Tell Your Story Productions, the school district's Safe Schools department and the City of Surrey.

What Generation Gap 3.JPGEach youth was strategically paired with a senior citizen from the community, with the aim of providing an opportunity for the student to grow – both personally and artistically – during the month-long initiative.

The end product is two videos made by each teen: one video sharing their own story and a second that shares the story of the senior they were paired with.

"It's really not that difficult to find something in common with somebody," says Surrey Safe School staff member Mandish Saran, "To see the youth understand that… that was powerful."

Click here to view the videos.

As this behind-the-scenes video shows, the project went far beyond learning about filmmaking and bringing different generations together, evolving into a sometimes-emotional journey that fostered friendship and transformation for all of the participants.


Sep 27
Public feedback sought about district’s interactive online tool

LbD Placespeak survey.JPG

Surrey Schools wants to hear what you think about Our Learning Story and Our Data Story – innovative and interactive online resources that share important facts and stories about student success.

Surrey School Data Story.JPGVisitors to the webpages, part of the district's Learning by Design website, can not only find basic information such as enrolment numbers, but can view detailed statistics and user-friendly graphics about assessment results, secondary school completion rates and districtwide achievement in core subjects.

The district is reaching out via the online consultation tool PlaceSpeak ( to gather public feedback about Our Learning Story and Our Data Story.

What did you find most/least engaging? What would you like to see more of? Do you have suggestions to improve navigation on the site?

To provide feedback, sign up or sign on to PlaceSpeak, connect to the Learning by Design topic and take the survey or join the discussion.

Sep 25
Board asks mayor to address 105 Ave. Connector impacts on elementary school

At its first public board meeting of the new school year, the Surrey Board of Education received a report from Supt. Dr. Jordan Tinney summarizing concerns about the connector project's impacts on Hjorth Road Elementary school.

The trustees supported the report and unanimously endorsed Trustee Terry Allen's motion to write the mayor of Surrey to provide a copy of the report, as well as ask for a written response to the concerns expressed and a documented agreement before proceeding with work on the school's property.

Trustees say the needs of the students — the children of the community — must be addressed.

The 105 Avenue Connector and Hawthorne Park Master Plan includes routing the proposed road through Hjorth Road's play field. The City of Surrey has acknowledged the need to mitigate the impact on the school, including "evaluating opportunities for improvements to the school's outdoor play field."

Hjorth LRT impact.JPG

The City of Surrey's Light Rail Transit project includes a connector that intersects the Hjorth Road Elementary property and places an LRT station next to the school.

Sep 21
District develops Governance Framework and Annual Work Plan

Governance framework.JPGIn an effort to provide a better understanding of the work of the Surrey Board of Education, the Surrey School District has developed a document detailing the role of elected trustees, their key governance activities and how their goals align with the district's vision.

The Governance Framework and Annual Work Plan highlights the importance and complexity of the board's work in B.C.'s largest school district, overseeing a $700-million budget, 75,000 students and 10,560 employees. It also serves as a strategic planning document for the year ahead.

Included in the document is a month-by-month calendar of key governance activities, broken down into the five categories of effective governance:

1. Setting the strategic direction in the context of the district and province;

2. Monitoring the performance of the system and adjust plans as necessary;

3. Attending to both internal and external compliance and accountability;

4. Engaging effectively with stakeholders and the public and operate on a basis of transparency; and

5. Advocating for public education locally and provincially.

The easy-to-read plan describes how the work of the board unfolds monthly, as well as showing the monthly professional development and operational briefings undertaken by trustees and key dates when trustees represent Surrey in their provincial liaison role.

-To view the Surrey Schools Governance Framework and Annual Work Plan, click HERE. (pdf format)

-To view the document in a FlipBook format, click HERE. (requires Adobe Flash)

Sep 19
Fraser Health launches School Health website

FH school health website.JPGFraser Health has launched a new School Health website geared toward parents, youth and educators, with a wealth of information and resources aimed at keeping school-age children happy and healthy.

The site,, was created with input from more than 1,250 parents, educators and school health workers and includes new sections on children's mental health, learning disabilities, behavioural disorders, dental health, staying safe at school, and more.

There is also a website with detailed information about immunizations, from vaccination scheduling, travel immunizations, flu shots, community vaccination rates and myths of vaccinations.

As the overdose crisis continues, it should be noted that Fraser Health also has an online information hub and resources for parents and schools that include videos, infographics and articles from a mental health and substance use expert.

As well, in response to parent input that they are often confused about when to go to the ER versus attending a walk-in clinic or calling 8-1-1, Fraser Health developed a Parents' Guide to Using the ER Wisely.

Sep 14
PSST… help keep our schools safe!

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 11.27.41 AM.png

The PSST (Protecting Surrey Schools Together) website has been a Surrey Schools innovation since 2007.

The site provides a confidential platform for students to anonymously report issues related to their or another student's PSST - Form Introduction.jpgsafety, including dangerous or illegal activity such as bullying, vandalism, drugs or other issues happening at school or in the community.

The site has been recently redesigned and updated to allow for more relevant youth resources and ease of reporting. A new translation feature also permits easy translation to Punjabi, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Spanish and Arabic.

PSST is promoted to students in both elementary and secondary schools and the many valuable tips received have been beneficial in keeping our schools and children safe. The website is also a great student resource for health, safety and other information.

Find the PSST website at

Aug 31
A message to parents of elementary school students

Dear Elementary Parent / Guardian, 

As you likely know, school districts in B.C. are beginning this school year under new rules regarding class size and composition. We have been working diligently since the spring on how to have our schools in Surrey open in the most seamless way possible. We know parents are eager to have their children return to school, and we are eager to receive them. We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the impact of the changes and what it means to parents.

Part of our work through the spring and summer included adding dozens of portable classrooms to accommodate the new requirements, doing several renovations to schools to prepare space and hiring more than 300 teachers to ensure the new rules were implemented in time for the start of the school year.

Every day in the first week of school we count students, prepare for class organizations based on enrolment changes that have emerged since June, and we work collaboratively with teachers to build classes for the coming year. This process of having activities during the day, then counting in the afternoon and reconsider class organizations with our teachers takes time and we work as quickly as we can. All of us, including those of us with children in our schools, want to know which teachers will teach which classes as soon as possible. I can assure you that teachers as well want to know exactly who they will be teaching.

With the significant changes for this year, we will be following our same routines and will work as quickly as possible to get your child settled. The purpose of this letter is to highlight the changes for September and to let you know that we will be working as quickly as possible to get schools settled.

As always, if you need specific details about your school, your principal is the best contact as they have the most recent information.

We look forward to a great year. More teachers brings more individual help and we look forward to supporting your child's learning this coming year.


Jordan Tinney
Superintendent of Schools/CEO

Aug 24
Surrey Schools welcomes hundreds of new students and teachers for 2017-18 school year

It's another year of enrolment growth as the Surrey School District welcomes between 800 and 1,000 new students for the 2017-18 school year.

The additional students secure the district's distinction as the largest in B.C, with approximately 72,000 learners of all ages.

There will be 168 new classes in Surrey this year, 30 of which are due to normal enrolment growth, and 138 of which are a result of the November 2016 Supreme Court of Canada ruling restoring class size and composition to pre-2002 levels.

The number of new classrooms required this fall is equal to the number needed during five years of typical enrolment growth in Surrey schools.

The district has found the space for most of the required new classrooms; however, 50 additional portable classrooms were needed and ordered in the spring. While most have been delivered to their designated schools, a handful are due to arrive by mid-September at the latest and temporary arrangements have been made until the new portables can be occupied.

welcomeback.jpgThere will be a total of about 325 portables in the school district this year, as well as roughly 320 additional teachers in Surrey schools.

Facilities staff was busy during the summer break, completing about 160 projects, including painting the interior and exterior of several schools, upgrading gymnasium floors and replacing and upgrading heating and ventilation systems. Staff also renovated school space at many sites and upgraded and installed numerous portables to ensure sufficient classroom space is ready for the new school year.

While there are no new schools or school additions opening this September, construction is proceeding on Salish Secondary (184 Street and 73 Avenue), which is expected to be ready for September 2018 and have space for 1,500 Grade 8-12 students.

Other projects include a 200-space addition at École Woodward Hill Elementary, slated for fall 2018 completion, and a new elementary school in the Clayton neighbourhood targeted to open the following year.

There are also some exciting new programs launching in the district this year. The EKOLogy program at East Kensington Elementary takes the classroom into nature, using a multidisciplinary approach to connect the curriculum to the environment and taking advantage of the school's rural environment.

The YELL (Young Entrepreneur Leadership Launchpad) program is also new to Surrey, offering students in Grades 10 to 12 a chance to spread their entrepreneurial wings by exploring business, innovation and networking in a real-world setting.

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