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Jan 15
Creekside Elementary students and seniors connect through letters

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Many local schools wrote letters to seniors over the holidays, including Surrey's Creekside Elementary. Now, the school wants to carry the holiday cheer into the new year, by writing even more letters for seniors leading up to Valentine's Day and Family Day.

Creekside principal Margaret Geddes said the idea to write Christmas cards came from a London Drugs campaign that distributed tags to anyone who wanted to write to a senior. Geddes told her teachers, who were enthusiastic, but the store ran out of tags before the could write any cards.

"People in my school were disappointed, but I said, 'Wait a second, who knows a senior who's spending Christmas alone?'" she said. "They knew their grandmother in a care facility or their neighbour, and we wrote about 14 people on a list, including two volunteers in our school who haven't been able to be here this year."

While writing the cards was fun and thoughtful, Geddes said the response from seniors has led to a unique connection that her classes want to maintain, prompting the idea to send Valentine's cards and letters for Family Day.

"Most of the seniors emailed or phoned because it was a surprise to get these gifts and cards," she said. "It's like having a pen pal. The kids were really excited, they thought it was really important to reach out to our seniors. People want to be able to show that they care, and here was a little way to do it."

Normally, Creekside Elementary invites grandparents to the school for Family Day (Feb. 15). While that can't happen this year, Geddes is excited they can still connect with seniors by telling them they're thinking about them, and some seniors have already expressed interest in seeing the students in person when the pandemic is over.

Geddes said she has shared the idea with other principals and even looked into finding retired teachers and principals to receive cards from schools. While she has 325 Creekside students participating, she said other schools have the potential to connect with even more seniors.

"It's such a simple idea, and yet it's so powerful," she said. "I'd encourage other schools to do it. It didn't really take a lot of effort and it had a really positive impact on both sides."


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