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Oct 06
School emergency response notifications: What do they mean?

Emergency Response.jpgSurrey Schools has a school safety alert system that helps keep students, staff and volunteers safe during an actual or potential threat to safety.

School administrators are authorized to activate a safety alert and drills take place at schools regularly to ensure everyone knows the safety rules and how to follow them.

The alert system uses speci­fic terms and actions for various situations:

EVACUATE is used when there is a threat such as a fire, bomb threat or gas leak.

DROP-COVER-HOLD ON is used during events such as an earthquake or explosion.

LOCKDOWN is used in situations where there is a safety risk inside the building.

HOLD & SECURE is used where there is a safety risk outside the building.

SHELTER IN PLACE is used where there are concerns about issues such as extreme weather, poor air quality or a wild animal on school grounds.

You can also view the detailed guidelines here.


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