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Jan 29
Woodward Hill Elementary students send special thanks to facilities staff for snow clearing

Woodward Hill Thank You Cards.jpg

No good deed goes unnoticed – not when students at École Woodward Hill Elementary are involved!

Last week, staff at the District Facilities Centre received handmade thank you cards from the school's Grade 3, 4 and 5 students, in recognition of their hard work clearing snow throughout the district in mid-January.

Vice-principal Bronwen Howden took on the initiative with her students, teaching them gratitude and appreciation through the fun and creative exercise.

"I often look for ways to model for students how we can show gratitude in simple ways to people who don't often get recognized," said Howden. "That was the premise behind it."

The colourful cards depict a winter wonderland with snowflakes, Christmas trees, hot cocoa and shovels next to piles of snow, all while showcasing the students' artistic abilities.

Woodward Hill back muscles 2.JPG"They're just really creative kids," said Howden. "I'd shared a few of the photos of the amount of snow and work being done, and they were really excited in wanting to show that gratitude."

The DFC has posted the cards on their internal TV monitors to share with staff and highlight the thoughtfulness of the Woodward Hill students.

"Thank you for everything, all of you. Thank you for shovelling our school's sidewalks and keeping Woodward Hill safe," wrote Olivia. "All of you deserve a hot chocolate."

"Thank you for shovelling the snow!" wrote Muhammad. "I think you are awesome, and once again, thank you!"

"We really appreciate your hard work, you guys are awesome!" wrote Seanna. "Oh, I hope you didn't hurt your back muscles!"

Howden said she hopes the activity will instill in her students a continued appreciation for the hard work of others, in the district and beyond.

"Any opportunity we can take to be positive is modelling for the kids, and hopefully when they're out on their own, they'll do the same thing," she said.


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