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Jun 25
Student-designed anti-vaping posters to be displayed in schools

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"Vaping isn't 'just' water vapour."

The bright yellow words across Safa Sajid's poster proved to be the winning message in a recent districtwide anti-vape poster contest.

winner Safa Sajid.jpgSajid, a Grade 11 student at Tamanawis Secondary (pictured right with Clayton Heights Secondary principal Bal Ranu), put the statement front and centre on her simple, yet effective, winning poster. Her creation, which featured mostly yellow lettering on a vapour-filled black background, included the introduction "We used to think cigarettes were 'harmless' too…" and noted the long-term effects of vaping are still being researched. "Don't become another statistic," the poster urged. Sajid's efforts earned her $500.

Elementary winners in the poster contest were Shwen Nao, a Grade 7 student at Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning and Mary Jane Shannon Elementary Grade 7 student Nhi Vo, who tied for first place.

While Vo's poster encouraged people to "escape the vape" and featured a dramatic red silhouette of someone vaping, Nao's reminded students to "think of the consequences" vaping has both on the user and on the health of others.

The posters will be reproduced and displayed in schools. 

Check here for resources and information about vaping for parents, families and students.


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