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Aug 10
Accidents happen!

Did you know Surrey Schools does not insure expenses for student injuries that happen on school grounds or during school activities?

The Medical Services Plan (MSP) limits amounts paid and does not cover some charges. Injury-related costs not covered or limited under MSP or group insurance plans may include dental treatment,eyeglasses Surrey Schools.jpg eyewear, rental of crutches or wheelchairs, splints and casts, physiotherapy and private tutors.

Optional student accident insurance is available through private companies and interested parents are encouraged to research which plan best suits their family's needs.

Surrey's District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) and the Surrey School District provide the opportunity to voluntarily purchase accident insurance through the Kids Plus Accident Insurance program. The plan provides year-round coverage, whether children are in or out of school, including coverage for costs not fully insured under MSP or group extended health insurance plans. Premiums start at $14.50 per year per student, with discounts available for families with three or more children.

Check HERE for more information or visit the "Parents" tab to view the printable parent brochure (in English and Punjabi).


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