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Sep 01
Drinking water update

With guidance from the Fraser Health Authority, the Surrey School District has conducted water lead level tests over the summer at more than 620 water source locations at 63 schools that were constructed before 1990.

The results have been summarized in a letter to parents, and each school's test result, as conducted and reported by an accredited, independent laboratory, is posted below. (Please do not contact the laboratory as staff are unable to comment on the reports). Tests for some schools were done on different days, resulting in more than one report.

Surrey Schools has taken action at each of the tested schools to ensure the drinking water for students and staff is only available from fountains and sinks with water quality meeting health standards. Safe drinking water is available at multiple locations in every school.

At the request of the district, additional information about lead in drinking water has been provided by Fraser Health with links to further resources.

Parents with any questions are asked to check with their school principal.

AHP Matthew     AHP Matthew 2

Bear Creek     Bear Creek 2

Berkshire Park     Berkshire Park 2

Betty Huff


Cedar Hills

City Central Learning Centre

Clayton     Clayton 2

Cloverdale Traditional     Cloverdale Traditional 2

Colebrook     Colebrook 2     Colebrook 3     Colebrook 4

Crescent Park​    Crescent Park 2     Crescent Park 3

David Brankin

Don Christian

Dr. F.D. Sinclair     Dr. F.D. Sinclair 2     Dr. F.D. Sinclair 3

Earl Marriott     Earl Marriott 2     Earl Marriott 3


Erma Stephenson

Frank Hurt     Frank Hurt 2     Frank Hurt 3     Frank Hurt 4

George Greenaway

Georges Vanier     Georges Vanier 2     Georges Vanier 3

Green Timbers     Green Timbers 2

Guildford Park     Guilford Park 2

Halls Prairie     Halls Prairie 2

Harold Bishop     Harold Bishop 2

Henry Bose     Henry Bose 2

Hjorth Road     Hjorth Road 2


H.T. Thrift     H.T. Thrift 2


James Ardiel

Jessie Lee     Jessie Lee 2     Jessie Lee 3

J.T. Brown     JT Brown 2

K.B. Woodward     KB Woodward 2

Kennedy Trail     Kennedy Trail 2     Kennedy Trail 3

L.A. Matheson     L.A. Matheson 2     L.A. Matheson 3


Lena Shaw

Maple Green     Maple Green 2

Martha Currie     Marth Currie 2

M.B. Sanford

McLeod Road

M.J. Norris

M.J. Shannon


Old Yale Road     Old Yale Road 2

Panorama Park     Panorama Park 2

Peace Arch

Port Kells     Port Kells 2     Port Kells 3

Prince Charles     Prince Charles 2

Queen Elizabeth     Queen Elizabeth 2

Ray Shepherd     Ray Shepherd 2

Riverdale     Riverdale 2

Royal Heights    Royal Heights 2

Semiahmoo    Semiahmoo 2     Semiahmoo 3

Senator Reid

Simon Cunningham     Simon Cunningham 2

South Meridian

Strawberry Hill

Sullivan     Sullivan 2

Surrey Traditional    Surrey Traditional 2     Surrey Traditional 3

T.E. Scott     TE Scott 2

W.E. Kinvig     W.E. Kinvig 2     W.E. Kinvig 3

William Watson


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