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Apr 30
2021-2022 blended learning parent survey

In September 2020, we introduced the Elementary Blended Model as an option available to families who indicated they were not ready to have their children return to full-time face-to-face learning. The option was designed to provide a balance of virtual learning experiences with in-person opportunities.

2021-22 Blended Learning Parent Survey.jpgNow, as we look toward the new school year, we are asking parents take part in this brief survey to gauge interest in blended learning for the 2021-2022 school year. Our experience with blended learning this year has served to guide our planning. If we are in a position to offer Elementary Blended, our revised model would incorporate what we have learned from the experience this year.

This survey is designed to provide you with information and to seek your level of interest. There are some key changes, so please look carefully for what would be different should Blended be offered in the 2021-2022 school year.


Key proposed changes to the model for 2021-2022:

• A commitment to Surrey Blended would be a commitment for the full year.

• There would be one full day of face-to-face instruction rather than three afternoons.

Parents should expect that:

• Students would spend the majority of their time at home, so parents would need to dedicate substantial time for support and guidance.

• Students would need reliable and consistent access to technology and internet while at home.

• Some students would likely be in multi-age groupings.

• Depending on the number of requests for Elementary Blended, there would likely be some circumstances where students are part of a multi-school grouping. In this case, registration at the neighbourhood school would be maintained while students would attend remote classes at another school.

Please click here to view a weekly overview of our initial thinking of the potential Elementary Blended schedule for 2021-2022.


Secondary schools are also looking at the possibility of once again offering a Blended Program for students entering Grades 8-9.

If in place, this learning option would be for those families that are not planning to return to face-to-face instruction for the 2021-2022 school year. In this model, students would take eight courses online as a cohort group over the year. Depending on student numbers, some courses or cohorts may be offered through a regional model in combination with another school. Electives offered in this option would be limited to those that can be supported in an online manner.

Similar to Elementary Blended, this would be a commitment for the whole school year. Look for more information on Blended 8 and 9 to come directly from your child’s secondary school.

To take part in our Blended Learning survey, please click here.


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