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School Ventilation
Ventilation Systems

All heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in the Surrey School District are operated and maintained to their standards and specifications, so they continue to work properly and are consistent with Occupational Health and Safety and WorkSafeBC standards. 

These systems are regularly inspected, and concerns from schools/sites are promptly investigated by our Facilities department.

Where the equipment can accommodate, we have upgraded filters in our HVAC equipment to MERV-13s. In those cases where the manufacturer's specifications do not accomodate MERV-13, we have installed the next highest filter that can be accommodated, either MERV-11s or MERV-8s. We have also upgraded our building automation system by adding a dashboard to be able to quickly ascertain a problem with the HVAC system and respond in a timely fashion to address.

In addition, to optimize ventilation, we have implemented the following protocols at all sites:

  • Increased the volume/exchanges of fresh air being supplied into all buildings by expanding the 'occupied' hours by an additional 4 hours;
  • Reduced the CO2 set point from 1000 ppm to 800ppm;
  • Increased the minimum outside air damper position from 10% to 25%;
  • Increased the gymnasium fan speeds to 100% during occupied hours.

We are also changing filters at increased frequency (4 times a year) to ensure efficient operation.

The district also has an indoor air quality (IAQ) testing protocol. If and when a concern is brought forward from a school/site, the district's Health and Safety office investigates the concern and, if warranted, brings in an Environmental Consultant to run additional IAQ testing for that site. Upon receipt of these results, the Facilities department initiates any work required to address the concern.

Ventilation fact sheet

The database below has details on specific sites. For a ventilation system overview for each site, please refer to this file.