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Surrey Connect

mouse.jpg Surrey Connect is Surrey school district's "distributed" or online learning environment.

Just like students in a conventional neighbourhood school classroom, students at Surrey Connect get ongoing regular assessments, report cards, letter grades and a permanent student record. The only difference is they receive most of their instruction online and do most of their work outside the classroom.

fastrack_poster_web-district.jpg Instruction is directed and supervised by a certified teacher and meeets the standards of the School Act. The key difference between the distrubted and traditional instructional models is in the delivery: online or in person.


Who does Surrey Connect benefit?

Any learners who are unable to consistently attend a conventional school classroom. This includes:

  • home learners
  • gifted and atypical learners
  • students with illnesses
  • students temporarily travelling abroad
  • elite athletes
  • performing artists
  • adults completing graduation requirements


Elementary program

Surrey Connect Elementary follows the prescribed learning outcomes of the B.C. curriculum, and their parents work with Surrey Connect teachers to determine suitable grade-appropriate materials and strategies.


Secondary program

Surrey Connect Secondary students receive most of their instruction online. There are more than 100 online and text-based courses offered, including advanced placement sciences and math. All courses have online teacher support as well as face-to-face teacher tutorials. There is also online conferencing, lab work, group study and personalized instruction. 

Visit the Surrey Connect website for more information, and be sure to check out the Surrey Connect News blog for all the latest news about distributed learning.