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Choice Programs

​​​globalstudents.jpgDistrict Choice Programs

Surrey Schools is proud to offer a range of Choice Programs that provide unique and innovative learning opportunities for our diverse student population. 

All program options align with the B.C. curriculum and provide a pathway toward Grade 12 graduation. There are no special fees and you do not need to live near the school, nor in the school district, to enroll.


​Important Information regarding Choice Programs

  • The Board of Education is committed to Choice Program placement sustainability to the best extent possible, but must balance this commitment with emergent building capacity pressures, and the importance of students being able to attend their neighbourhood school. 

  • Choice Programs are staffed consistent with the district’s overarching methodology and philosophy regarding financial prudence.  For these reasons, Choice Program classrooms are often (like regular classrooms) organized into combined grade configurations. 

  • The various types of Choice Programs have an Advisory Committee established to seek ongoing advice from stakeholders regarding program organization and development. 

New for 2015: Online registration for the most popular Choice programs. Full details about the programs and the application process are available here.