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Community Schools
Community Schools Partnership

csp.jpgThe Community-Schools Partnership (C-SP) is an initiative of Surrey Schools in collaboration with municipal, funding and community partners to work alongside schools in addressing vulnerabilities creating opportunities for all children to flourish.

C-SP directly supports more than 35 identified schools and is emerging in its ability to support and be an asset to additional schools across the district. The identified schools include 25 elementary, seven secondary schools adn five learning centre, spanning the four zones of the school district: east, west, north and south (including White Rock).

C-SP staff work alongside schools to identify specific needs of the children and families, enhance existing school and community responses, and collaborate to develop strategic and sustainable programming bringing community resources to the families and the school. Some of the specific programs and services that may be found include:

  • After-school extended learning and enrichment opportunities
  • Recreation and cultural programs
  • Parent engagement activities
  • English language learner support
  • School break programming
  • School/community staff support
  • Early learning

Visit the Community-Schools Partnership website for more information.

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