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lenashaw.jpgOur Mission: We engage our students in developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to build a healthy, democratic and diverse society.

The Surrey School District was formed in 1906. It has the largest student enrolment in British Columbia and is one of the few growing districts in the province. It is governed by a publicly elected board of seven trustees.

The district serves the cities of Surrey and White Rock and the rural area of Barnston Island, with a total area of approximately 328 square kilometres.


The largest district in B.C., the Surrey School District has 101 elementary schools, 19 secondary schools, five learning centres, four adult education centres, a distributed (online) learning program and a variety of satellite and inter-agency programs serving a wide range of student needs. 

School populations range from:

  • elementary: 55 - 689 students
  • secondary: 1,218 - 2,001 students

Total students as of October 17, 2014: 68,677, including;

  • 38,878 elementary students
  • 66 grades K-7 online learners (Surrey Connect)
  • 27,094 secondary students
  • 865 grades 8-12 students in five learning centres
  • 596 grades 8-12 online learners
  • 178 students in a variety of other district programs and services



Parent involvement is welcomed. Parent Advisory Councils (PACs):

  • are valued as active partners in education
  • are active at both the elementary and secondary levels
  • have representation on the District Parent Advisory Council
  • have parents represented

Parents can also become involved in their children's education through school planning councils. An advisory body, the major responsibility of a school planning council is to consult the school community in developing, monitoring and reviewing school plans for student achievement. School planning councils are made up of:

  • three parents
  • one teacher
  • school principal
  • one student from grades 10, 11 or 12 where applicable



The Surrey School District offers a variety of programs that provide unique settings for students as well as programs for children with special needs. These include:

  • Learner support teams, Gifted education and English Language Learner programs for children with special needs
  • Community-Schools Partnerships programs to support vulnerable learners before and after school
  • Core French, French as a second language, French Immersion and Intensive French programs
  • Punjabi language program
  • Fine Arts and athletics opportunities
  • Discovery, Montessori, Heritage and Traditional schools
  • Learning Centres, career programs, and
  • Surrey Connect distributed learning programs

More information about programs is available on our programs page.