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Board of Education


Surrey Board of Education 2018.JPG
The 2018-22 Surrey Board of Education: (back row, from left) Gary Tymoschuk, Garry Thind, Terry Allen (vice-chairperson), (front row, from left) Bob Holmes, Laurae McNally, Laurie Larsen (chairperson) and Shawn Wilson .

The Surrey School District is governed by an elected board of trustees. There are seven trustees serving their term until December 2022.

For more than a century, the Surrey Board of Education has been guiding public education for families in Surrey, White Rock and Barnston Island. Today, the board oversees 125 elementary and secondary schools. With a growing enrolment of more than 73,000 students, the district is the largest and one of the most diverse of 60 school districts in British Columbia.​



Board meetings

Regular board meetings are open to the public and are usually held once a month during the school year. Meetings begin at 7 p.m. and are held in the main boardroom of the District Education Centre, 14033 92nd Ave., Surrey.

The public is welcome to attend. An informal question period of up to 30 minutes is provided immediately following each meeting.

Special board meetings may be called from time to time to deal with emergent issues. These are held at the call of the chairperson.

In-camera meetings are also held prior to or following regular board meetings to deal with items pertaining to personnel, property or litigious matters. In the interest of confidentiality, only board members and officers attend in-camera meetings.



Board Recognitions

The Surrey Board of Education is pleased to officially and publicly congratulate and thank individuals and groups who have excelled at and/or contributed to education in the Surrey School District. This is accomplished through the Board Recognition program.

Recognitions are made at the start of public board meetings. In the past, the board has recognized students, teachers, support staff, parents, administrators, volunteers, businesses and community groups who, in some extraordinary way, have contributed to public education in Surrey Schools.

Board Recognitions are introduced and presented by the board chairperson. Click on the links below to read the chairperson's remarks about recent recipients and to view images of the presentation.









Individuals and groups are welcome to make presentations to the board. Presentations should be brief; about five minutes. Delegations are allotted a total of 15 minutes to allow for questions from trustees.

Anyone wishing to make presentations to the board should contact the secretary-treasurer either in writing or by phone, outlining the matter to be presented and providing the name of the spokesperson at least one week prior to the meeting they wish to attend.



Contact the board

The Secretary-Treasurer's department is the official office of communications for the Surrey Board of Education. Communications intended for trustees or the board as a whole should be forwarded to:

Secretary-Treasurer's Office
School District No. 36 (Surrey)
14033 92nd Ave.
Surrey, BC V3V 0B7

As elected officials, trustees are also available to the community via telephone, email and fax.




The main tasks of school trustees are: 

  • determine educational goals and priorities
  • set district budgets according to those goals and priorities
  • establish policies
  • plan for the future of the district
  • communicate with the people of Surrey and White Rock about educational matters



Policies and regulations

The board is responsible for establishing policies, ensuring implementation and monitoring the results within the school district.

The initiation and review of new and existing policies is an ongoing process that reflects the operational needs of the district and is maintained through extensive consultation with stakeholder groups such as parents, staff, students and community members.​

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